Game Informer- Ryse: Son Of Rome Is As Fun As Dialing Phone Numbers

GI:I've never wanted to leave a demo as badly as the one for this tedious, uninspired Xbox One launch title.

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majiebeast1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Dat burn

"With my left hand completely off the controller, I was able to slice and dice through tons of enemies simply by inputting the same sequence ad nauseum. On a couple of occasions, the game would shift to sequences that involved me defending an area with crossbow stations or ordering my men to block arrows with their shields. These were somehow even less exciting than the tedious swordplay."

Crytek continues their trend of making tech demos instead of games.

NewMonday1809d ago

"Ryse is undeniably pretty, but that’s about all it had going for it"

sums it up

AlexanderNevermind1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Ouch.....But this is not the 1st time I've heard that.

Articles like this and DR3 coming in at 720p. Man MS still can't catch a break.

PoSTedUP1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

wow that sucks... i wouldnt blame crytek tho (even tho they are somewhat known for this) bc MS are the ones who called for this, they gave them a kinect game and said "here, we need another exclusive X1 game, do what you can, you have X amount of time, throw some sparkles on it, deal with our awkward hardware, and try n fix the clunky kinect controls/animations".

thats what i saw anyways...

good thing KI looks good.

JokesOnYou1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Edit My bad, I guess headline is right but this is just 1 preview of many, some liked the combat some didn't well see.

No FanS Land1809d ago

I want the AVGN to review this, or at least jim sterling!

Boody-Bandit1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I've been saying this since it premiered earlier this year. This is a very simplistic and clunky engine. There is nothing to it. I agree this falls completely on MS for going to Crytek and pulling the plug on it being a Kinect game for the 360 and trying to make it a launch game for the XBOX ONE.

It's impossible to make a complex combat engine in a rush. It takes years. I don't understand why they don't just push this game back and see if they can really turn it into something special or at least better than it's current form.

I'm starting to think that the rumors were true. MS was originally planning on releasing the XBOX ONE next year. How else can you explain dev kits not being sent out in time, games not being shown on their hardware, most multiplat titles barely being seen and now that they're done running at 720p, all the poor messaging and PR, turning over restrictions and mandatory implementation? They just don't seem like they were ready to launch in 2013.

Enemy1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Here come the 4 and 5's out of 10. There's been endless bad press since it was revealed.

mewhy321809d ago

Wow. Is the ANY good news for the bone? At least it's a pretty game.

darthv721809d ago

I guess it would depend on the number. If we are talking 411 (information) then yeah that isnt really exciting.

If we are talking 976 numbers (the dirty ones) then....hey now!

Kujii1809d ago

Welp. At least Xbox fans have the option to rent it now.

GiggMan1809d ago

I stopped reading at the title of the article. lol. Funniest title ever.

On topic, that sucks for Ryse and it's defenders. I can honestly tell you that I didn't have to wait for a pre/review to realize that this games was mostly a miss.

morganfell1809d ago


Regarding the 720p matter, people should realize this is the result of a very intentional policy decision. Microsoft stated succinctly ‘We purposefully did not target the highest end graphics. We targeted it more as a broad entertainment play'. It was only after having designed their machine and witnessed the public reaction they attempted to back peddle on that particular remark. And therein lies the rub. While their marketing line was drastically altered their hardware was not. The gap between these two machines is going to widen rather than narrow. Some members of the gaming demographic should brace themselves for more unpleasantness.

asmith23061809d ago

"Crytek continues their trend of making tech demos instead of games." - absolutely. I have been saying this for years. Can't stand Crytek's arrogance about 'how good the next Crysis will look on PC compared to consoles'. Up their own arses and all they care for is graphics, their games are shite.

ShinMaster1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I told people they were getting too hung up on the graphics and polygons and not paying attention to the gameplay.

Since I actually watched gameplay videos for the gameplay, I can't say I'm not too surprised by this. Not to mention this used to be Codename Kingdoms, a Kinect game on 360 before they upgraded to Xbox One.

RedDevils1809d ago

lol so true, Crytek are known of making boring ass game don't know why people even got hype for this game, maybe because the graphic

titletownrelo1809d ago

I'm just imagining Angry Joe's insane rant when he reviews this on his YouTube channel!!! XD

IVanSpinal1809d ago

Crysis on PC
Killzone on PS4
Ryse on XB1
Waste of money

FamilyGuy1809d ago

Whoa, I'm a bit surprised a game informer journalist is getting away with being this critical.
Raises my respect for big name sites/magazines a bit as they usually seem restricted in how much they can talk about a negative experience.

Anyone without fanboy goggles could see the game play in this one was going to leave much to be desired but we're all here still saying "I told you so" anyway. LOL

I can't wait for the reviews to roll in at the levels we've been expecting for months.

Computersaysno1809d ago

Whats the phone number?


mikeslemonade1809d ago

Well the xbox zealots still were saying how good the game the looks and the game was transitioning to less "rails" and qte gameplay.

I was already saying during E3 this is a 6.5 type game but might get higher reviews just because everyone's scale seems to be only 6.5-10.0.

SilentNegotiator1808d ago

IGN called the MP "boring"

Game Informer is calling the demo they've played "as fun as dialing phone numbers"

Can we stop pretending like this is the game to justify packed-in Kinect? Or even a good game?

ThanatosDMC1808d ago

I hope they dont lynch this guy.

n4rc1808d ago

One persons opinion... I dont care what website he works for.. Its still just one guys opinion...

Some people think cod is the best game in the world and Justin beiber is the best singer.... doesnt make them right to me, just themselves..

Beautiful game with batman like combat... Sounds like a blast to me

dmeador1808d ago

Thats disappointing, I'm picking up an X1 at launch, and am a huge fan of the Roman Empire. After the bad press planned on picking up this on a rental, but it might not be worth that.

To those saying its not fair that they were asked to make an X1 game, I think thats a little much. They are a major game developer, they should be up to the challenge.

mistertwoturbo1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Whoa whoa whoa now, I love dialing phone numbers.

*Pre-orders Ryse*

Kryptix1808d ago

It has been stated throughout the months that the gameplay needs a lot of work. Delaying the game would of been the best choice but I guess Microsoft decided to rush the game to make themselves look like they have more exclusives for next gen than Sony.

The main problem why Ryse is still being released with awful or mediocre gameplay to some is because the Xbots will still buy it. I mean, notice the comments above, look who's in denial and I respect the people buying an Xbox One taking this into consideration that gameplay matters more. Of course, Ryse 2 will fix the problems if there ever is one, but I don't blame Crytek...Microsoft gave them the cards and they had to play them in a short period of time. All the glitches we see in previews with the engine and A.I. tell the story.

The_Con-Sept1808d ago

I foretold this game would be the "Lair" of this generation. And it did worse than that.... Now Ryse is the new example of a trash exclusive. It makes Lair a double a game when compared to ryse.

PSX041808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I'm not serprised because it's a native kenict game so it's no controller needed game

BlueShirt77491808d ago

I'll wait for the game to come out before I stick a fork in it. Looks great obviously and could be a fun launch title.

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TheTwelve1809d ago

Looks like this will be Microsoft's "Lair".

wsoutlaw871809d ago

Ha i forgot about lair, i didnt own a ps3 at that point

itBourne1809d ago

Lol almost the exact same, Sony forced Factor 5 to show off the six axis. If the game had standard controls it may of actually been playable. So this is kind of the opposite, Kinect to Core, and Core to Sixaxis.

Guwapo771809d ago

@ T12 - I own that game and holy hell was it bad. I couldn't even control it...

frostypants1809d ago

I as about to mention Lair myself when I read that others felt the same. LOL. Yeah...Lair all over again. At least Lair became semi-entertaining when they fixed the controls.

ThanatosDMC1808d ago

Lair wasnt bad... after they released the patch so you could actually play the stupid game.

vigilante_man1808d ago

Shame. I hope it isn't true. New ideas are great for gaming. Keeps things fresh. There has not really being a good Roman game of later.

I hope for all XB1 fans this game turns out great. I am still a little stung over the Haze game. Wow. That game looked so good pre-release!!

hulk_bash19871808d ago

I guess im in the minority that actually enjoyed lair san six axis controls.

Guwapo771808d ago

So they patched it? I never picked the game back up, my level of frustration was through the roof.

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LackaJaKane1809d ago

Hey guys, there was a more positive preview of ryse posted 2 minutes b4 this preview... Did you guys miss it?

It just goes to show you how things work on this site

AlexanderNevermind1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Even in that review he was critical of the gameplay (see same xxx y combo sequence). This critique speaks of a maybe 6.5-7.0 score.

Here's another not so glowing review...

With God of War part of the allure was not knowing what crazy creature was around the corner. Since Ryse doesn't stray from realism, They need to find other ways to keep the gamer connected.

LackaJaKane1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


You'll find a whole lot more positives than negatives in that article.

"I’m far from disappointed with what I’ve seen in Ryse so far. Leading off a console launch with a new title is always risky, and developer Crytek risks losing its game in the shuffle. It definitely isn’t a God of War clone, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s something that might surprise Kratos fans if they’re in the market for an Xbox One system. Either way, Ryse seems to do a good job of bringing on the bloodletting, even if the Son of Rome isn’t quite as sadistically creative as the God of War"

"This critique speaks of a maybe 6.5-7.0 score"

cant seem to find were the author stated anything about a possible score based on their impression

EDIT: And also there have been articles posted b4 "that not so glowing review" article...where you'll find more positives than negatives, by gaming giants like gamespot and ign, but for some reason, the negative articles seem to be getting more attention. Yep just goes to show you how things work around here

jacksjus1809d ago

"Ryse doesn't have any superpowers, magic or epic boss battles with titans".

Nuff said this game is trash juice. And that's a shame.

warczar1808d ago

"Upcoming Xbox One murderfest Ryse: Son of Rome doesn’t have superpowers, magic, or boss fights with mythical titans, but it might be just as violent as PlayStation’s God of War series.

Please, Ryse and God of war should never be compared. Call me when Ryse tears the head of a god off with his bare hands.

moparful991808d ago

You post a preview from an unknown online source to defend a title that was lambasted by the most respected publishing in all of gaming (gameinformer)

I read the entirety of that article and its obvious you are attempting to glean only the positives instead of seeing it for what it is..

The only positive sentiment in the entire article was the amount of gore.

He even describes how he created his own challenges and goals to stave off the monotonous flow of this game in his first playthrough! Thats not good..

Nobody is arguing that the game isn't pretty or that it doesn't have positive aspects but from an enjoyment standpoint I haven't heard anyone come away proclaiming this is a must play title..

PFFT1808d ago

You are preaching to the wrong crowd broski. The fools in this site are too blind to see anything positive about the XB1. Do yourself a favor and leave this dirty place.

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FITgamer1809d ago

Not surprised, myself and quite of few others on this site said this game looks like 7/10 at best.

MusicComposer1809d ago

Yeah exactly! I've been saying this for the longest time now. I even asked how people would feel if Knack got reviewed higher than Ryse. This is arguably the Xbox One's flagship game.

itBourne1809d ago

I have been saying it too for a long time. All the symptoms of a bad game were there from the start. I think Knack will get hammered for being a $60 game, Im guessing most reviewers will say it should of been $40. Just a guess tho.

nypifisel1808d ago

Maybe if MS focused on making a games console rather than a media box they would've invested in some first party studios.

hellzsupernova1809d ago

Is anyone surprised by this
It's crytek

mistertwoturbo1808d ago

Actually Crysis 3 was pretty good gameplay wise. A solid 8/10.

Cuzzo631809d ago

This game is gonna fail so bad. With all the knack jokes from the xbots, sure its safe to say knack will be more enjoyable than ryse.

wsoutlaw871809d ago

i didnt expect something so harsh from game informer. I guess thats what happens when you try to turn a kinect game into a launch AAA exclusive thats main focus is graphics.

a_squirrel1808d ago

Somehow you just explained exactly why it is failing so hard.

dan-goes-forth1809d ago

Unless you are dialing Funky Town on it, this is not good news

sAVAge_bEaST1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


what' Crytek make a soulless game?? get out of town.

princejb1341809d ago

i love dialing numbers* sarcasm*

IRON883 1809d ago

Ha! Please put water on burned area:)

thehitman1809d ago


That is the most troll title I ever seen. Well there is still Forza and DR3 right?

dale_denton1809d ago

but but but the graphics are what makes this game good..... but but but..... its xbone exclusive...

Nocando1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Ok, all jokes aside the "but but" thing should have died a long time ago, it was stupid then and now is just unbearable.

dale_denton1808d ago

but but but it's not stupid.... but but but it's not unbearable....

XboxFun1808d ago

But but but it's one review!

I remember when TLoU or Uncharted would get one bad review and N4G would be set on fire. But for a Xbox game it's party down central.

Kryptix1808d ago


Are you talking about Polygon? The same people that admitted they got payed $750,000 by MS and gave every PS3 exclusive anything lower than an 8?

I read Game Informer and they seem to come out fair than a lot of reviewers and point out all the flaws in a game. Like TLOU's bad A.I. with Ellie at some points of the game. And I can guarantee Ryse is going to be one of those games that you'll play it once just to see it's visuals and not try to pick up again because of it's repetitive simple gameplay.

What is an Xbot going to say now, wait for the patch? Wait for Ryse 2? lol Just accept the truth...

But...but...pwetty gwaphics. lol

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Bathyj1809d ago

"Dialing Phone Numbers"

7/8th of your audience just said WTF?

BABY-JEDI1808d ago

Phone app confirmed.
Dialling your way out of trouble.