Ryse: Son of Rome's Redemption

IGN - We played a near-final build of Ryse: Son of Rome, and the news is all good.

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CYCLEGAMER1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

I just noticed (after watching the video) that I was smiling the entire time. :o)

I mean look at the scene @1:23 and the swinging scene right after that. Oh my geebas!!!

tudors1807d ago

Oh yeah! but the haters are gonna hate!

Whitefire1807d ago

Or, you know, the informed gaming journalists who actually played the game.

tudors1807d ago

That be a double edged sword my friend! no pun intended.

FogLight1807d ago

I am hoping that this would be one of the good launch titles for the next-gen, I really do but thanks to GameInformer's preview, I am worried since it is rare for GameInformer to be negative in a preview for an unreleased game. We will wait and see once Xbox One gets released.

Until then, we have to play the annoying waiting game.

rela82me1807d ago

Hmm, one says that the game was "as fun as dialing phone numbers" The other one says "and the news is all good."

Gameinformer is trusted, as well as IGN... However, I am a fan of Xbox One, but I do know that IGN tends to pump exclusives up from both sides of the fence for hits. I can only judge once its in my hands and I play it for myself.

cervantes991807d ago

You have a very reasonable mindset. Previews do seemed mixed.

No different then Beyond: Two Souls. Some will love it. Some with think its OK and others will hate it.

It's a launch game and very few launch games live up to the new console hype.

Who knows though. Gamers will get to try it themselves in a few weeks.

FogLight1807d ago

Thank you, this is exactly the point.

I personally liked Beyond, but there are people who are either mixed or negative about the game. That is a very good example. Also, games that come later in each generation tend to be better than the launch titles in a huge way so we shouldn't take launch titles seriously since we have no idea what the later next-gen games would do.


Man...don't let the reviews discourage you....the game is awesome, I have played it. However you have to realize that people have different taste. Everyone in the world could say that a game is great, but you may not like it once you get your hands on it.

I and my friends found it to be fun, and graphically stunning.

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The story is too old to be commented.