Destructoid- Preview: Forza Motorsport 5: Finally, some real quality time

DT:Forza Motorsport 5 has been on my Xbox One launch list since its announcement; I knew this was a game I had to have from the beginning. I've played it several times over the past years at trade shows and other events, but every instance was little more than a few laps around a course.

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Belking1858d ago

Can't wait to play this. Forza is the best.

christocolus1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

"Fellow Forza fans need to
know that AI cars are no longer predictable, meaning that your old tricks won't
work. This alone is a game changer!"

im just so happy with all the positive xbx news ..gamers and media alike seem very pleased. from hardware to the software..its all good...nov22 cant come soon enough.

NatureOfLogic1858d ago

Funny you say It's the best yet people are talking about canceling their Xbox One pre-order because they're disappointed with less cars and tracks than the previous game.

MRMagoo1231858d ago

destructoid lol who will even believe anything these guys say.


It's funny how we all have friends tend to prefer what we prefer....are we the influencers????

GodGinrai1858d ago


Or maybe some are making it up for arguments sake.

Bundi1857d ago

Maybe they didn't want to fill their game with 800 last gen cars and decided quality 200 cars is better than 1000 crappy cars sprinkled wiith new gen cars.

Also, forzavista for 200 cars? Count me in.

Hicken1857d ago

Meanwhile, GT6 is bringing 120+ NEW cars to the franchise, almost as many as Forza will have period.

(By the way, the non- "last gen" cars in GT5 still total a few hundred. Meaning that GT beats Forza out regardless. Well, I could make further arguments against Forza's "quality," but I think we all know about its other shortcomings, don't we?"

Bundi1857d ago

LOL 120 new car current gen cars < 200 forzavistable next gen cars.

The premium gt5 cars total less than 250. Forza 4 had 400 quality cars with interiors and not blackholes with steering wheels.
Turn 10 do not do half jobs. Quality through out or nothimg.

Let us indeed make more arguements about Forza Motorsport's quality please. I'll start, highest rated racing game series in the last 10 years.

Your turn.

KingTrash1858d ago

I played it last night at the Microsoft store. He's right. The screenshots and videos don't do the game justice. It's absolutely gorgeous and the trigger feedback is sick!