Dead Rising 3 runs at 720p and 30 fps on Xbox One, UI runs at native 1080p

Dead Rising 3 has been confirmed to be running at 720p and 30 fps on Xbox One, UI at native 1080p, by the Executive Producer.

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Majin-vegeta1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Wow 0_0 not good.

GarrusVakarian1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

720p @ 30fps is a huge disappointment. Do so many zombies on the screen at once really take up that much power? To be honest, the graphics don't particularly strike me as next gen either so im scratching my head as to why this only runs at 720p 30fps.

No doubt it looks fun, but that's a shocker. I thought 720p @ 30fps was going to be left behind in current gen.


Yeah i understand it has alot going on at the same time but i would have at least expected 720 @60fps or 1080p at 30fps.

Septic1859d ago

Well it has loads of stuff happening at once with no loading.

Yeah it doesn't look next-gen at all though. I spent some time with it and visually it was very meh. The scores of zombies is quite a sight though.

True_Samurai1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Come back when there is a Sony game with over a 1000 enemies on screen and no load time going on at the same time in 1080p 60fps

↓↓ Just saying can't talk smack unless the rival company has done it in 1080p 60fps. Plus it's obvious it was moved from the 360 to x1

Xsilver1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

@trueSamurai is that your logic behind this. a bunch of zombies that don't even move half the time :/.

@Xboxfun a bunch of zombies standing waiting to be mowed down that's so amazing i guess DR1/2 didn't have that :/.

JokesOnYou1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

DR3 is a open world game running a lot of shiii on screen with no streaming or load screens at launch theres no other launch game doing this and its about go anywhere kill as many zombies as possible so this game is going to be great for what it does. The obsession of 1080p is silly if you want devs to push more than just visuals it depends on the game type.

andrewsqual1859d ago

@True_Samurai It was obvious it was a 360 game since E3 but let me guess YOU would have agreed with me back then?
After coming off a weekend of The Last of Us and seeing the first 20 seconds of this game with the zombie in the car, I almost vomited how bad it looked.

XboxFun1859d ago

I think next gen has more to do with what's actually going on. As Septic pointed out, no loading times, open world, and sh#t ton of zombies all on screen.


Zombies don't move? But they are there, they are not a part of the background and they do attack if you get close enough so therefore they are taking up the RAM/CPU (whateves.

Ezz20131859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

@JokesOnYou and @true_samurai

infamous SS is open world game with fully destructible environments
and run at 1080p native/60fps
and pretty much one of the very best looking next gen game along with killzone shadow fall

the fact that this game is exclusive to xbox one but yet can't run at nothing more than 720p native and not very stable 30fps
is not good sign for xbox one hardware

abzdine1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

wonder what you have said the other way around.
but you fanboys love to find a good reason to cherish your beloved brand.

to your knowledge, this gen we've seen many many open world games running native 720p. so big that they put your DR3 to shame even on "old gen consoles". what's the deal of the gen change to you then?

torchic1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )


inFamous: Second Son might not have as many enemies at once as Dead Rising 3 has but it still has many enemies at once shooting, throwing grenades, launching RPGs + destructable environments while still graphically looking like a true next game and running at [email protected] (rumoured to be 60fps)

don't forget about it's beautiful animations and character models.

ABizzel11859d ago


Don't the the framerate, but Infamous: Second Son is 1080p, open world, tons going on, destructible environment, and as far as we know no loading considering there was none in the PS3 games.

sincitysir11859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

man the sh*t some of you spew is crazy. id rather have a 100 enemies on screen at sexy 1080p than 1 million enemies. plus the textures on this game are bad. ill wait for it to be used at 17 bucks ;]


AngelicIceDiamond1859d ago

Its the lower number resolution. therefor its over for the X1.

EXVirtual1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

And meanwhile in Deep Down, we have amazing graphics running at 1080p native 60fps on the PS4 and it's an online game. inFamous Second Son has true next-gen graphics and open world (fair enough not as many enemy AIs, but they're still attacking with force), 1080p native 30fps (rumored to be 60fps).

The XBO can't catch a break. What's next? Destiny? Titanfall?

1nsomniac1859d ago

... Remember the power of "The Cloud" takes care of all the extra npc's & AI so it takes up NO resources of the XBone...... *Cough* *Cough*......

pyramidshead1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

I take my mind back to just after E3 this year where the PS4 games got absolutely eviscerated for what resolution and frame rate they had compared to the XB1 THAT time.

Now it's this close to launch and it seems one after another they seemed to drop leaving Forza 5, a glossier F4 holding it's own, on it's own.

Oh how things change, eh?

mewhy321859d ago

wow. that's not good. I mean this game is an exclusive and still only runs at 720p 30fps. Wow. This reinforces my feeling that I made the right decision to go from 360 to PS4 and not the bone.

aCasualGamer1859d ago

The power of the cloud. =/

bjmartynhak1859d ago

Not so surprising, if you read all the stuff from the DDR3 and ESRAM you will get the 720p part at least.

RevXM1859d ago

@ True_Samurai

Well here is a ps3 game to fresh up your memory, stated up too a thousand enemies on screen.

720p30fps xbone game with 1000 enemies?
Not really much to brag about now eh?

BitbyDeath1859d ago

@EZZ, is that confirmed for Second Son?

on-topic: I'm thinking the issues are to do with Snap. Snap allows for the games to be shown alongside the UI with both running at the same time. The divide is likely killing it... that and the hardware being weaker. But some games like this and COD should not have an excuse so it can't be just hardware.


Stop using framerate and resolution as interchangeable. [email protected] don't consume all the exactly same resources as [email protected], that's not how it works. For instance having that many zombies at once hardly would affect resolution as would the individual quality of each zombie, but the number of zombies could indeed end up on bad drops if they force 60fps and the GPU is not strong enough.

I think it's pretty clear Xbox 360 have a bottleneck with ESRAM, it's simply not big enough for full HD frames with highly demanding assets, they need to get the byte per pixel down a lot (optimization) in order to make it viable (or, do as we already achieve 1080p on current gen, either gimp the assets or make less demanding games even when you use high quality assets, like racing), but this alone don't affect frame rate. Frame rate suffering, if it ever comes to be a constant issue, will be the result of a weaker GPU, not the memory (it would be if it only had slow DDR3 RAM, but ESRAM should not bottleneck the refresh process, it's fast enough and, apparently, it can read and write at the same time).

Anyway, to be completelly fair, I don't think it's simply hardware restrictions or the number of zombies at once here making the game run in [email protected] I could be wrong, but frankly I don't see how this game could choke Xbox One... In fact, what I've seen on videos and screenshots doesn't look like enough to choke a WiiU! Yes, Xbox One hardware restrictions could have had an impact if it really can't keep stead 30fps, but to me this literally looks like it was a Xbox 360 game, already aimed and engined to run 720p @ 30fps.

Chances are simply set the game to render the same assets on 1080p would not look very good, while redoing everything may not had been an option, so just render it at 720p and let the upscaller do it's thing may had been the best result with what they had at hand for resolution. And framerate, that would demand some reworking on the engine, which could mess up with other stuff (like number of zombies) and take some time. Which means I think they didn't even tried much to push it to 1080p and/or 60fps.

If you want to consider this would be a logical decision, lazy from devs or "evil" MS not allowing a needed delay, it's up to you, but remember I'm just gussing here, I don't have NOTHING to back that theory up.

Ju1859d ago

If this was "just" a 360 it would not have had troubles keeping the framerate beyond 30fps @ 720p. But it had troubles even delivering this at first. It's the usual XBO limitation. Sure, streaming textures (TR, paging or what ever) might overcome the ESRAM size limit but it will never remove the bandwidth limitation which come with DDR3. Either TR don't work ATM or it isn't as efficient as it was planed/thought in the first place. This is where the problem comes from - this and the simply slower GPU. If devs can offset the memory issues and simply "assume" everything is in ESRAM (be it through intelligent paging or memory handling) than the XO can render (almost) the same fidelity as the PS4. But the reduced limitation points to the fact that buffers must be in ESRAM to actually achieve this. Having a static buffer which eats all the ESRAM isn't the smartest thing, either. Some mem will be needed for shaders and effects. IMO it's pretty cristal clear what the bottle neck is here, and it won't change throughout the live time of the XO.

ShwankyShpanky1859d ago

I keep seeing this "thousands of zombies on screen" claim. Can somebody post a pic? Yeah, I've seen screens with a lot of zombies, but from everything I've seen, "thousands" is gross hyperbole.

"Zombies don't move? But they are there"


bigboirock1859d ago Show
UltimateMaster1859d ago


I honestly don't know what to say.

batbatz1859d ago

wow what happened to the next gen??

n4rc1858d ago

Oh boy.. Here we go again....Lol

Please explain what LAUNCH TITLE on ps4 is doing what dr3 is doing?

You have..... Killzone... Everything else is still in development and most are quite a ways off... Dr3 comes out in 2 weeks..

badz1491858d ago

everytime I read comments from the Xbone apologists, really makes me thinking that they are actually just zombies!

if you play zombie games, you would know. fall into the SAME TRAP/TRICKS over and over and they keep spewing the same $#!t and doing the same thing over and over too trying to eat our brains so we can be as dumb as them!

Kryptix1858d ago

The game isn't even graphically amazing and it's running at 720p... lol I truly understand the 30fps because there's a lot of zombies on the screen but it should definitely be running at least 900p if you're going to be giving the excuse of no loading screens. And the "so much shii on one screen" doesn't even apply because that's up to the CPU also to process that.

You also got the use of the magical cloud that the Xbots here seem to not bring up. The cloud doesn't help with specs and Xbox One ESRAM is a big bottleneck...let's leave it at that.

Ritsujun1858d ago

Another Xbone180.
I've totally lost count.

FANTA11801858d ago


well i guess this game aint for you.

dont worry ill be enjoying the game while people nit pick the resolution. lol

tee_bag2421858d ago

god this is such a fan boy site. Yeah that sucks alot. So we can expect 900p @ 30 fps on ps3. Both options still suck balls.

frostypants1858d ago

Give the dev a break. There's a lot going on and the hardware isn't that great.

deecee331858d ago

The drama just keeps on coming. I am really curious what the sales figures for each box will look like before any price cuts for either.

Azfargh1858d ago


Load times has nothing to do with fps count or resolution.

This things depends from the devs competence, direction and the engine/hardware capacity.

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Pogmathoin1859d ago

Look closely at the picture I see Xheavy, Maria, Nature of logic coming at that X1 fanboy...

xHeavYx1859d ago

I think the zombie here is the One

aceitman1859d ago

trying to get 1080p in there somehow lol.yes d3 has 1080p in it ui.

nypifisel1858d ago

Pretty stupid to be honest, who the hell cares about the UI resolution, I've never heard anyone boast about UI res lol

CYCLEGAMER1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

You know what?...I was just saying this to a friend.

After playing both of them, if someone were to ask me between Killer Instinct and Dead Rising, which one was 1080p and which was 720p, I would have easily picked KI as the 1080p game and DR3 as the 720p one.

This is not good, but oh well, the game still looks fun.

JokesOnYou1859d ago

Yeah I agree, KI should be at 1080p.

Deathdeliverer1859d ago

My problem is that these are the exclusives. You can focus on this one system and fully maximize it. No splitting of teams and resources. No need to hold back because another system is too far behind or you cant implement this new area because another system cant handle it. How are these games coming out this way? Im getting KI day one and Dead Rising but damn. This is a bit concerning. Yeah its a lot of zombies on screen but a lot of them are inactive. The system still has to render them obviously, but they aren't going through all of the animations until you come within a unseen area and become active. To be honest I'd rather have less zombies on screen if that's what it took, just to achieve 60fps. Why KI is so underwhelming resolution wise is beyond me especially when its only got a handful of characters. The KI fan in me overlooks this, but the WTF in me is saying WTF! lol.



I can agree with you about DR3, but HOT [email protected], KI looks good. Like I said b4, if someone was to tell me that KI was running at 720p, I would have to see prof, because to me it looks amazing.

Another thing, while I was playing these games, I never thought about or wondered the resolution, I was just having a good time and enjoying the fun that me and my friends were having.

esemce1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

KI is 60fps that's why it's 720p, looks like the Bone won't have many [email protected] games if it cant even run A 2d fighting game at this level.

The Xbone games at e3 looked great because they were running on high end PC's.
Dead rising 3 did look next gen then but it wont on the Xbone at [email protected]

Glad I'm PC+PS4, since the release of Kinect MS has failed to interest me.

The best thing they had/have is XBLA games.

n4rc1858d ago

Forza, ea ufc, NBA 2k etc all confirmed 1080p

Its either the Devs fault.. Or overly ambitious gameplay. The system is capable of it.. And it will only improve with time as tools mature and devs learn to optimize for it

mistertwoturbo1858d ago

^Yeah always bringing up easy sports games and that one single racing title that it can do 1080p/60fps.

Still, the most technically impressive X1 title is Ryse at 900p, except that it's 30fps.

irepbtown1858d ago

esemce; The E3 gameplay for DR3 was bloody awesome. Slowly as the X1's release gets ever closer, the fact that PCs were used during E3 becomes more evident.

DR3 still looks like a game that will be a heck of a a lot of fun playing. It would be interesting to see DR3 on PS4 (although that wont happen).

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HaveAsandwich1859d ago

that's brutal. is the thing even worth 500 bucks, at this point?

jade07321859d ago

Yeah, I think this could be a deal breaker for many xbox fans, especially if forza 5 got the 720p treatment! Essentially if that were to happen I know, I would most definitely would be cancelling my preorder! But luckily for me I'm getting both so if it all goes pear shaped, I could always trade it in and get some more ps4 beauties :)

Hufandpuf1859d ago

I'm reconsidering my descision now. And it's a shame because it has some great games.

SpinalRemains1381858d ago

@ This point?

At what point was it ever worth more than 400?

This machine has been one giant digital debacle of diarrhea, from announcement of said anti consumer policies, to the beating around the bush, to the Kinect stuff, to the price point, to the backtracking, to the name, to the DDR3 and inferior hardware, all the way to now, which equals exclusives on this debacle running at resolution and frameratr from 2005!

Xbox One is a 2005 console with a Kamera and TV features.

badz1491858d ago


Forza 5 already has its own shade of shame! it has only half the number of cars and tracks compared to Forza 4! their line of defense now is Quality over quantity which is a huge FAIL at THAT!

not to mention Day-1 DLC!

mistertwoturbo1858d ago

If it was $400 I'm sure people could overlook the shortcomings. But no, not at $500.

BOLO1858d ago

To loyal M$FT drones...It's worth 5 million bucks. Any and all justification of purchasing the console will be made no matter how many negative drawbacks are associated with it.

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Blaze9291859d ago

how this "not good" lol? Is the game somehow less fun now? Or we don't play videogames for fun anymore?

HugoDrax1859d ago

Games are only played for graphics next gen :-\. That's why I can't wait to play RYSE, because visually it looks amazing. Yet when someone mentions RYSE, it's frowned upon because it's an XB1 game lol.

Seriously, I think this is the last gen that I buy consoles. I can't take the tit for tat, fanboy disputes anymore lol. We're 2 weeks from launch and people are still slandering Microsoft and Sony. Can you imagine when E3 rolls around? When will this nonsense end lol.

SpinalRemains1381858d ago

Games looking beautiful and matching the price point is what goes into fun.

Fruit Ninja is fun when you're on line @ the bank. Would you pay 400 bucks for it?

Same thing here. Why pay 500 bucks to play retro quality games?

Next Gen is about progress, but you spin it any way you want.

Seems like the Clowd Powa being debunked and the actual weakness of the machine is turning everyone into denial personified.

mistertwoturbo1858d ago

Why not demand both? Some of the best titles last generation managed to do both. Uncharted, Gears of War, Borderlands 2, etc.

It's not really too much to ask for given the "next" generation of consoles is supposed to leap above the last generation.

HaveAsandwich1858d ago

with all due respect, dead rising was never fun.....ever. let's be honest.

webeblazing1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

Look at the disagrees lol this site keeps getting better and better.

and how can you decide whats worth it for other people. if they want the exclusives they should get the console that they like.

he says progress but fail to realize the gfx are better than xb360. and what is this leap above, games on the new consoles have features that was missing that everyone said didn't matter last gen now people are focusing on the res just to bash it.

you want leaps above next gen get a pc, I could of sworn people on this website said its about exclusives even tho I don't like dead rising games

xxxsiegezzz1858d ago

Yes we do play them for fun, but we want both fun and best possible graphics and this game doesn't seem to really offer them.

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Bathyj1859d ago

30fps is not a big issue for a game like this, as long its solid. Its not like its a twitch shooter or a fighter.

1080p would have been very nice on this game because theres so much going on onscreen it would definitely help pick out details better. 720 make it very cluttered and muddy looking. Oh well, I hope the framerate is steady at least.

Belking1859d ago

Oh it's good, and it's not delayed. Open world and no loading. don't hate.

dale_denton1859d ago

now i can see why they didn't call it xbox 720....p