GamesBeat: Dead Rising 3: Single-player is better with Xbox SmartGlass and a friend (preview)

Many horror nerds dream of fighting solo though the zombie apocalypse, but Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 makes it clear that a friend can be your greatest asset.

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JeffGrubb1832d ago

I'm getting an Xbox One at launch, but even with the lacking lineup, I don't know if I even want to get this just because zombies.

jounceman1832d ago

No interest in SmartGlass and have never been a fan of the DR series. So no, not even a tablet will entice me here.

Sadie21001832d ago

Showed my girlfriend this article. I told her she could take the SmartGlass side on our adventures, then she protested and asked why I couldn't be that person. I pointed out that, if things got rough with the zombies, she'd only end up handing me back the controller anyways. She can't handle stressful combat situations like that. :)

darkronin2291832d ago

Hey, SmartGlass finally sounds useful for once.

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