Gears of War 2 - The Monster Wish List writes "Gears of War 2 - The Monster Wish List

We asked our community here at ConsoleMonster what new features they would like to see included in Epic's November release, Gears of War 2. So in no particular order here are the results."

Included in tis list are things like, Destructible Environments, Larger Co-Op, plenty of Xbox Live features and much more.

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InYourMom3856d ago

Should be lots of new improvements to this game.

GOTY 2008!

DarK-SilV3856d ago

Even though I am Ps3 fan but I will say this, to be honest 2 games on the x360 are worth buying this year (gears2 and NG2)
MGS4 GOTY 2008
Have a bubble

Greysturm3856d ago

but since this is the open zone i cant resist.

In your dreams In Yourmom.

dvx uk3856d ago

it would be good with those improvements

Lord Vader3856d ago

I agree with everything except "Team Deathmatch - WITH re-spawns"... respawning = FAIL. Respawning = Annex. Respawning = every other MP shooter out there. If you want to respawn, then play Annex or COD4 or Halo, ect. ect.

Other than that, some great thoughts, but not many related to the title of the article (?).

Dr Pepper3856d ago

The monster wishlist huh? How could they leave out improved AI (especially friendly AI)?

Grown Folks Talk3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

just because your teammate would get lost in a 4x4 room with no walls doesn't mean he was dumb. EDIT: We better watch out. A negative remark about Gears is almost as bad as 1 about Halo or anything related to Sony.

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