View: New NBA Live 14 Next-Gen Gameplay Trailer, and Screens

EA has released a new gameplay trailer of NBA Live 14 running on the Xbox One platform. The visuals look as amazing as one would expect for a next-gen system, and the physics resemble what we’ve seen from NBA 2K14 running on the next-gen platforms. The trailer also offers a look at how the camera system works, and the overall tempo of a NBA Live 14 basketball game.

In addition to the new trailer EA has also released an Xbox One screenshot of Kyrie Irving and the Verizon Center.

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2pacalypsenow1832d ago

Thats it? 9 days from release and that's all they have released??

I was planning on getting live but the small amount of info they have released has me worried

curtis921832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Yeah they haven't shown much.

Yo Mama1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

They're hiding something if that's all we get 9 days out. NBA 2K14 is the one to get. Try again EA.

Edit- I just realized how much I miss the NFL 2K series.

spaceg0st1832d ago

I think they know they can't compete with 2ks presentation, so they're opting for showing less, to give less time for people to criticize. Best strategic option in all honesty

TrueJerseyDevil1832d ago

NFL 2k was a horrible game, nothing good about it. NBA 2k has not shown much either, what did show was current-gen with updated graphics, they also showed a 1:30min gameplay clip that looked horrible.

iceman061832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

The difference is that one game has an established pedigree for the last couple of years. So, you pretty much know what you are getting...more or less. Live, on the other hand, has had a dubious last several years. They have the burden of proof. You might be satisfied with what has been shown. But, fence sitters like myself are not. We have seen no indication of how the game will play. We have highlight reels. I want to see post play, shots, variety of layups and dunks, how the defense responds to those dribble moves, etc.

MethCupcakes1832d ago

Those shoes look like pieces of butter.. lol


why and what are they hiding? all i know about the game so far is that the players know how to dribble. ill pass and 2k has never let me down anyways. good times

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