Why BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Will Blow Your Mind

The first story-based DLC for BioShock Infinite - Burial at Sea: Episode One – is almost here and BioShock fans have good reason to get excited: it's fantastic. More specifically? Well, for me it has four very considerable strengths*, so let's run through them.

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Wni01809d ago

Your mind, not mine. Those reasons are intereting not mind blowing. We all know the game eventually will turn into shooting people in the face.

GarrusVakarian1809d ago

There's more to Bioshock than just shooting people in the face, it isn't Call Of Duty. Or you just hating to be a hipster?

Wni01809d ago

Tell me 3 things you can do in Infinite besides shooting or shooting plasmids or shooting skyhooks? Whats that? Searching garbage cans for money and salt... Sorry that doesnt count. Im not a hipster, I just see things objectively, Infinite is a slightly above average first person shooter. Its not Half Life, hell its not even Call of Duty which is trash.

Im interested in this DLC because I love the atmosphere of Rapture, and because we were told in another preview the first secions require no shooting! Which is awesome. But Im scared it will turn into, NPCs disappear - Enemies appear!

no_safe_HAVEN1809d ago

Pretty much the only reason Im holding onto my 360 till the end of the year. this is one of the few DLCs I will have bought this year.