New 'Tearaway' video 'A World of Paper' shares the art of virtual paper

Playing with the aspect of torn paper that is folded up to make a character is not only different from the typical rigid objects in games, but quite magical, shares Omar Cornett, one of Tearaway's gameplay programmers.

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MatrixxGT1896d ago

Cant wait. Game devs thinking outside the box. Keep gaming alive, its launching at a bad time and feel it will be overshadowed. I'm definitely interested.

Langkasuka1896d ago

I love the 'break the 4th wall' thing the gameplay is about. Yeah, the launch timing doesn't look as appealing, but we'll see ;) The game has best uses of the Vita ever seen.

gunboss2011896d ago

This just looks really adorable!!! Just two more weeks!!!