Microsoft rewarding fans with free Xbox One game

Console Monster writes: "Microsoft is rewarding their fans with a free copy of Killer Instinct for the Xbox One.

An email sent to a number of users said: “You’re a fan of ours and we’re a fans of yours. Thank you for your dedication to Xbox. We want to show you our appreciation, so we’re giving you: Killer Instinct.”

Recipients of the email were told to “watch [their] inbox on 22 November for instructions on how to claim [their] free gift.”"


Microsoft has confirmed that the game was offered to those with "a high GamerScore or a Live tenure".

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Eonjay1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Wait what? Isn't the game a one-character demo?

"You’re a fan of ours and we’re a fans of yours. Thank you for your dedication to Xbox. We want to show you our appreciation, so we’re giving you: Killer Instinct.”

Well yes, the demo is in fact free... kinda.

"We've unlocked all characters so you can hit the ground running," reads an email attachment. "Watch your inbox on 22nd November for instructions on how to unlock your free gift."

Oh I stand corrected.

Wriggy1810d ago

The subject of the email reads: "[Gamertag], how about a free game as a 'thank you'?"

hello121810d ago

You get all characters unlocked, its giving you the lot. Without having to spend any money on them to unlock them.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1810d ago

Yup it's the FULL game. I can't wait, it was the only game I intended to purchase at launch as I have the Forza 5 day one bundle... may put the KI money towards Ryse or Battlefield 4...

Death1810d ago

Yeah, I went with the Forza day One bundle too. An Unlocked KI is a nice surprise. A couple friends want to get Ghosts so I will most likely pick that up at launch too.

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hello121810d ago

I pre-ordered, but don't think i gave Gamestop my email. How do you get this so?

jackanderson19851810d ago

might just get it when you booth up the xbox one and log in for the first time... or that's what i'm hoping at least... not that i'm gonna use KI much (not a fan of fighters)

RealGamerspeaks1810d ago

go to gamestop and add your email

TheBrit1810d ago

oh yeah, I just got that email LOL - and I cancelled my xbox one - that's what I get.


Hell, when they send you the instructions, forward them to me :o)

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strigoi8141810d ago

a free game that you have to purchase the rest of the roster after? lolz

aviator1891810d ago you even bother to click on the link and read the content of the article??

clearly says they're unlocking all the characters for the game.

JokesOnYou1810d ago

"lolz" strigo814 doesn't know the difference between people laughing with you and people laughing at you. Here's a tip read the news before you comment on it and you'll have a better chance of people not laughing at your ridiculous comments.

Dir_en_grey1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Maybe you guys don't follow the news on KI, but
strigoi814 is right though. The game will only have 8 characters (which is a bare minimal roster size) at first even for the full paid game.

Then they will come out with more DLC characters later that you'd have to buy later.

This is an incomplete game (even for the fully paid one) for MS to suck more money out of the fans of KI by means DLC.
Don't even try to argue about the small roster size because all older KI games have more then 8 characters even for back in the day.

So even if you get the first half for free, you'd still have to pay for the rest. For people that don't get it for free, they'd have to pay double or more for the rest of the cast by means of DLC.

I have no problems w/ extra DLC characters, but not when they purposely take out characters and short change you to sell you half of a game just so people will have to pay for DLC to get a full game that's supposed to come out in the first place.

Lboogieskells1809d ago

Even though its only eight characters this is well played by Microsoft. They'll still charge you for the second season of characters and make more money off of the fightsticks now.

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