GameStop ad (11/6 - 11/12)

This week's GameStop ad has gone live.

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SpitFireAce851897d ago

Its funny how a Gamestop ad comes out and the only
ad in there is for the XB1 even though PS4 comes
out on Nov 15th..

HugoDrax1897d ago

Funny how I went to pick up COD GHOST for my nephew at GameStop yesterday, and the only next gen console available for me to play was PS4. Not a single Xbox one kiosk anywhere.

supraking9511897d ago

Cause MS needs more preorders to catch up to PS4.

Conan-O-Brady1897d ago

It was a sea of green at my local GameStop yesterday, inside and out. You'd think they were being funded entirely by MS. All of the Sony merch has been moved to the back of the store and when I asked the kid behind the counter why he said corporate dictates that kinda stuff. I try to do as little business there as possible.

thehobbyist1896d ago

It's called paid advertisement. This is where that massive budget went. Bribing Gamestop to make it's ad's more slated towards the xbone.

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Sci0n1897d ago

Not even sweating it the manager at my gamestop told me microsoft screwed themselves and the preorders for the next gen consoles there are 4-1 in PS4's favor. Its amazing what info you can get from a little small talk. He didn't have to tell me microsoft is screwed when I went to preorder my console he could have easily lied and tried to sway me into making a purchase of the more costly inferior next gen console.

HugoDrax1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

"microsoft screwed themselves"

Right! because according to ( they seem to be worth billions, while Sony on the other for yourself lol.


"The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant said its net income in its fiscal first quarter jumped 17% to $5.2 billion, or 62 cents per share. Sales also came in higher than expected. Microsoft's revenue rose 16% over the year to $18.5 billion, topping forecasts of $17.8 billion."

Yet you want to discuss pre order numbers as if that means anything.

EDIT: @Sci0n

I'm not fighting with you for one, two I use to manage a GameStop back in 2006. I will own both consoles at launch, so fanboy wars don't relate to me lol. I would like to know what makes PS4 "The most powerful console means?" I know it has more powerful RAM GDDR5, but what about its CPU specs?

Being the best in one department is one thing, but if it doesn't do everything better than Microsoft's console. Then the statement of more "powerful/inferior" is irrelevant.

Sci0n1897d ago

fight with the manager not me lol. The most powerful console at a cheaper price then its inferior counterpart means everything to me. All those numbers and all I can think about is 720p, lol I guess my head is lost in the clouds.

jukins1897d ago

clearly he's referring to the console not the entire business. Dont be such a blatant fanboy. . . .

Sephiroushin1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

"Yet you want to discuss pre order numbers as if that means anything."
Why the 180 if it means nothing to them? Business it business no matter how much money the company has, the company would not want to see one of their product fail and MS themselves screwed over their own console, at the end of the day its MS fault if the console do not do as good as the x360!

Sci0n1897d ago

allowing me to utilize my apps I already pay for like netfix, hulu etc without trying to paywall me death by forcing me to pay them to use my services on there network is best in another department for me as well. Looking at microsofts track record with a lack of exclusives over time and tending to throw money at 3rd party developers for maps first and exclusive content instead of working on new ips threw out the consoles generation is another fail in that department for me. Trying to force a gimmicky camera on consumers advertising games like DDR and kinect disney is another fail on there part in my eyes. Shall I continue? lol

thehobbyist1896d ago

The CPU's are almost identical with the PS4 being a few terraflops better. But it's power from it's superior GPU and RAM leads it to being roughly 50% more powerful according to just about every gaming news site. There's all the hardware information you need to know.

AirHype1896d ago

That 5.2 billion is from Sony's first fiscal QUARTER alone. That means they could have a larger annual revenue than Microsoft with only 18.5 billion... C'mon, disect what you read before posting it here.

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AKR1896d ago

Hmmm - I wonder why third-party games don't sell at Wii U: Both Batman Arkham: Orgins and ACIV: Black Flag are listed,yet they make it seem like there's only a PS3 and 360 version available.