PS4 Killzone Bundle Delayed (in Finland)

In Europe the PS4 is set to be released on 29th November and there are a number of bundles that are also available, one of which is the Killzone: Shadow Fall bundle which includes 2 controllers, the game and the PS Eye. For a price of €500 this is a relatively good deal and one we was happy to pick up at my local GameStop in Finland, but now we can't apparently.


It would seem according to other gamers from a few EU countries that their pre-orders for bundles have been delayed or just not listed at all. The only one that gives a possible date is in Portugal with 13th Dec for the bundle release date.

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Mikelarry1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Boy i hope the retailer i pre-ordered mine from does not play with my emotions about being delayed or there will be blood

Edit: in finland guys phew we can all settle down and put the weapons back in the armoury, i tell you that was a close one

KUV19771834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

In Germany Amazon also writes that the bundle will be later and that they don'T have an official date available. Sadly!

ragequitcast1834d ago

Ah that sucks, guess I will update title to include it. Don't understand why it is happening, hopefully I get a response from Sony soon

KUV19771834d ago

Would be awesome if you received an official SONY-statement. Preferably: 'Information mix-up. Will be there on launch.'

Mikelarry1834d ago

oh boy this does not look good at all.i think ill call the retailer i ordered mine from shopto, to see if they will be experiencing any delays. i shall update on what i hear back from them

sGIBMBR1834d ago


Please do, my PS4 is on pre-order from ShopTo. I hope all is ok there.

Mikelarry1834d ago

just got off the phone to shopto and they advised that they have not received no official word about this and if they do they will contact all customers affected by this

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Wintersun6161834d ago

You may be able to but I can't. :'( TBH that deal was just too good to be true. We'll most probably get it for 560-600€ after launch, then it would be more in line with actual bundle prices here..

angelsx1834d ago

Anyone know if this game is 3d suported?

ragequitcast1834d ago

Yea we are a little disheartened to hear that a delay has been put on something they should of had ready at launch as much as anything else.

KingZFlipper1834d ago

Damn. I don't like this at all, coming from Finland. Well, at least I have my day 1 edition ordered and ready to get picked the 29th at midnight. Will probably by KZ:SF at the same time.

Locknuts1834d ago

Way to give all the PS fanboys a heart attack dude!

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The story is too old to be commented.