PS Vita and God Eater 2 Get Two Wacky TV Commercials

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released two new TV commercials for the PS Vita and the upcoming action JRPG by Namco Bandai God Eater 2, that will also be released in Japan for PSP.

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Blastoise1807d ago

I predict good times for Vita and this game over the coming weeks.

Sanquine901807d ago

Agree, vita is doing steady in Japan and some awesome games are going to be localised. YS, Borderlands 2 , This, Soul sacrifice delta and with PS vita tv the sales are going to boom:D

paul-p19881807d ago

Cannot wait!! I want them to announce a localised release date soon, or to know if they are even going to localise it, as if they don't i'll just import it lol

Blastoise1807d ago

I'm 80% sure it will be localised. God Eater Burst was a US PS+ game, which I like to think was them giving westerners a taste of the franchise for future references :)

Plus, Namco Bandai are okay for localisations.

Fingers crossed!