Breaking the Halo - A Year of Halo 4

GR-UK writes: "Even if 343 never quite reached the high standards set by Bungie, their first effort at making a full Halo game isn't to be sniffed at. So then... if the campaign was good, the multiplayer enjoyable and the overall standard of the package decent, what went so wrong?"

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tdogchristy901898d ago

As a halo purist who's been around since halo 1 I really enioyed the article and brought back some great memories. I agree, with the introduction of "abilities" in reach it changed the dynamic. It was no longer the arcade style skill based. You speaking of the loss of things like invisibility, map layout, and simple notice that it was you a starter gone and skill are a great point. like I said, when the formula changed with reach and with bungie walking away it was no longer the same and I walked away. Long live halo, at least I have great college memories of halo 3 to live by and remember.

1898d ago
GadgetGooch1898d ago

Halo 4 was awesome I dnt know what ur both getting at, for a first attempt it was amazing...Halo 5 will only be better....blah blah blah

Shadonic1898d ago

for a first attempt by today's standards it was good yes they went along the usual models for AAA games yes but the gameplay was still trash even for something that was basically an adaption to the current COD esquie gameplay. It took us from balanced and steady gameplay to fast,hectic,random,and out of control gameplay it was too easy especially for me.

I can understand them wanting to make it easier for new players but for petes sakes how many easy type multiplayer games do we need, when did learning how to strafe left and right become to hard. It was the difficulty and the skill gap that made people want to play its that challenge of facing someone better than whose earned these difficult medals that makes you want to play and practice more.

Naga1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

It's a really well-written article, but I don't know that I agree with a lot of the conclusions of the author. The metrics and statistical data are undeniable - the number of players is down from previous iterations, as is the Metacritic average score for the game. And while the author points to a reduction in skill-based gameplay and claims it more or less pandered to mass appeal, I don't think that's the case. Or at least I don't think that's the reason we've witnessed a modest decline.

He was more correct to point to the drug that is COD in the mass market. Attention has been diverted to the more fast-twitch, pop-shoot-kill-repeat addictive gameplay of the Call of Duty series. Halo is more measured, more paced, and less attractive to people in search of what I call popcorn gameplay.

But moreover, I think people have simply grown a bit tired of the Halo formula. And this happens. It doesn't mean that it's a bad formula - it just means that it's not tickling the fancy of the common gamer quite like it once did. The author seems to suggest 343 return to more simplistic and original form, but I don't think that will do it. That is probably just the innate attraction of nostalgia, more than anything else. Instead, I think more radical development of the experience is going to be the only answer here - breaking boundaries. If they go backward, I fear it will be a rude awakening for the developers when they discover that gamers just get bored more easily than they once did.

With all of that said, I love Halo. I have played and enjoyed the entire series. And after all of that, I hold Halo 4's campaign second only to that of Halo: CE. Not only was the quality of presentation just beyond any of my wildest expectations, but the dynamic between Master Chief and Cortana was one of the more emotionally moving and memorable one's I have experienced in recent memory. Games don't usually leave much lasting impression on me, but Halo 4 did. I just hope 343 can find a way to flip that same switch in today's gamer without sacrificing what has made the series so great.

Shadonic1898d ago

I disagree right before the COD ghost launch I played with a group of my COD fanatic friends on Halo 3 and they loved it and they had fun. People say tired of the Halo formula yet the last time that it was used it made the game become one of the most successful games of its time and as we've seen with Halo 4 just because it has Halo in the name doesn't mean its using the halo formula or keeping close enough to it.

They should of just kept to the classic gameplay with small changes at the least or built upon the formula and keeping that gameplay that made it stand out from all the other FPS.

IQUITN4G1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Yes that's it. There's really not much 343 could do the multi side for example that would broaden appeal. The change made do seem to piss some folk off but it's definitely still Halo

In the same way Gears could only ever manage so many numbers against a more accessible Halo, so to Halo now loses out to Cod's see it shoot it style. Each great experiences but the wearing down nature eventually tires for some and for newer folk isn't as attractive anyway

Excellent campaign too

Shadonic1898d ago

343 could introduced more awesome weapons and stuff there working with the forerunners so what can be done is limitless. Going along with what every FPS now a days are doing gameplay wise wasn't the best of decisions. The original formula wasn't broken and quite honestly the create a class system just ruins it completely especially when the maps aren't really vehicle friendly and the vehicles are as durable as Origami crane.

I dont even understand where this accessibility stuff is comeing from I mean come the hell on were talking about adults here and gamers at that, they can learn hell if one of my xbox live friends 9 year old little brother can understand how to play Halo 3 enough to get a kill without help then wtf are they worried about.

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