Ubisoft: “I Doubt We Would Do A Modern Day AC… Watch Dogs Will Scratch The Itch"

GR: Those hopping we'll one day be getting an Assassin's Creed game set entirely in the modern day are in for a bit of disappointment, as Ubisoft has no plans to build an entire AC game around the present time period. That said, the publisher believes Watch Dogs will fill this void.

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dbjj120881806d ago

Too bad it's scratching it a few months later now.

acharlez1806d ago

Yep. I can't wait until April!!!!

Army_of_Darkness1805d ago

Watch dogs is the modern day assassins greed.

x5exotic1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I did think "Watch Dogs would make a modern AC game feel old and redundant"

But then again all the AC games are like that now, and the only thing keeping things together is how it all is supposed to be up to Desmond eventually, so it'd be a major troll.

So it's bad if they make it, and bad if they don't; a dead end. That's what you get when you lower the bar.

Watch Dogs feels as if it's Devil May Cry; how it was supposed to be a draft for a Resident Evil game at first but became its own thing later.

Shok1806d ago

Watch Dogs is tied in with the AC story confirmed.

acharlez1806d ago

Sure sounds like it, huh?

Neo Nugget1805d ago

The lead writer on Black Flag has confirmed on Twitter (multiple times) that it's just the development teams "having fun".

dbjj120881805d ago

I don't know if they'll be so outright with it. Might be a few years until they push the two franchises closer together.

Sev1805d ago

Could just be another Abstergo simulation experience.

Pintheshadows1805d ago

I really really hope it isn't.

Neo Nugget1805d ago

It isn't.

Not officially, anyway.

solidsheep1805d ago

Sounds to me watch dogs was meant to be a AC game, but when they noticed how different it was they just decided to make it into new IP.

-Foxtrot1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Well it better bloody not be

They should be separate, not try to make it related to AC to try and keep the series more relevant

They've created an amazing world here with great gameplay features....don't ruin it by relating to another franchise. Let it have it's own identity

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thisismyaccount1805d ago

Well... /duh!

If you can make 120$ with 2xsimilar games that share the same concept and game-mechanics... why not make a 3rd one ?

Lord_Sloth1805d ago

Watch Dogs is clearly a gun game. It may share similar movement mechanics with AC but that's pretty much where it ends. When Aiden pulls out a cutlass and wrist blade, then I'll concede this argument, but for now he seems to favor his Beretta 92.

Activemessiah1805d ago

I wonder if they think it would flop or cause controversy...

cactusjack1805d ago

i think they wanted their own space in the release times away from the fiascos of COD, BF4, and the launch exclusives.

FogLight1805d ago

I don't know what I would feel if I have heard or seen the name "Abstergo" in Watch_Dogs, or maybe a sudden assassination by a mysterious person with a white hoodie.

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The story is too old to be commented.