People Can't Tell The Difference Between Blu-Ray and DVD

There's a lot standing in the way of Blu-ray's success. There's the price -- it costs $300 for a player and $30 for a movie. And there's technology -- the world is moving away from physical discs.

But Blu-ray's bigger problem may be even more basic -- people don't think the hid-def discs are better than the ones they already own. New research shows that people can't really tell the difference between Blu-Ray discs and normal DVDs, especially people who use "upconverting" DVD players, or who don't own the highest-end TVs.

Poor Sony (SNE). The company behind Blu-Ray barely has had time to put down the champagne from the format war victory celebration. There is a relatively easy solutions to their problems: A price drop. If the price of Blu-Ray players and discs comes close to that of their DVD counterparts -- next to nothing, for both the machines and the movies -- then people won't care. But that won't be what Sony wants to hear.

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sonarus3830d ago

It takes time. Same way it was with vhs.

Tempist3829d ago

Exactly. I can't tell the difference between a 727 and a 747 from the ground, but I'm sure if I saw it down on a run way and saw the insides as well I could tell the difference.

1080p matters most to people with those massive screens where stretching will only get you so far. Another difference would be to see a standard LCD screen vs a Graphic Design built LCD.

HighDefinition3829d ago

People need to get their eyes checked.

judd3829d ago

I was thinking the same thing HighDefinition! Have some bubbles.

Marceles3829d ago

...they must've surveyed 80 yr olds, "Poor Sony"...bah

Bonsai12143829d ago

please watch pirates 3 on blu-ray and tell me that doesn't look just a little different from the dvd version...

gonzopia3829d ago

I bought Blade Runner on Blu-ray. I was a little skeptical that it would look better, given that this is a movie shot over twenty five years ago. My skepticism was misplaced. It's incredible. I noticed details and moments that I've never caught on DVD or VHS (or on the big screen!) in my many viewings of it.

Homicide3829d ago

It's because people don't own HDTVs.

Genesis53829d ago

Exactly. It will grow as the HDTV market grows.

deeznuts3829d ago

It doens't take any time, the time is now. This article is totally skewing a report. Click on the article, then click through to the article it refernces. The blogger says "new research" but when you click on the report, all it says is this:

"According to a new report by ABI Research, the ultimate success of Blu-ray depends not on how quickly consumers will be able to download movies from the Internet, eliminating the need for DVD discs, but on a much more basic factor: whether most people can even see the difference between a high-definition DVD image and a standard definition one.

ABI’s principal analyst, Steve Wilson, says that the answer for many, is no. With standard definition DVD players often including technology that can “upconvert” regular DVDs to near-HD quality, many consumers are completely satisfied with that solution."

There is no research, no report, nothing. Just an analyst's opinion that many can't tell the difference.

deeznuts3829d ago

Oh, for any properly calibrated TV of good quality and good size, the difference between upscaled and BD is night and day. You can't make 1080 lines of information from 480p. You're stretching 480 into 1080.

It's like that term paper when you had 4 pages typed but you need a minimum of 10, so you increase the font, the margins, the spacing.

Your paper is now ten pages long, but the professor knows it only holds 4 pages of info. It's not going to cut it.

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Fishy Fingers3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Rubbish claim. At least provide evidence to back it up. Everyone I have shown HD to is simply god smacked by the clarity.

ruibing3829d ago

If they can't tell the difference, it must be one of the following:

1) A slow love drama that doesn't require a high bitrate
2) A low quality or sub-HD TV using a non-component or non-HDMI connection

fenderputty3829d ago

Everyone I've showed a BD movie too wants an HDTV and a player. This article is absolute trash.

There's more articles too. Just Google Blu-Ray sales and look at all the articles talking about greater sales.

lol @ the writers remarks of "Poor SNE"

HighDefinition3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Big Big Difference.


MikeGdaGod3829d ago

but i still refuse to pay $30 for a movie.

i have a 42inch and while blu-ray does look good, dvds playing in the ps3 look really good too. and until blu-ray disks drop in price to about $15, i'll be satisfied with watching upscaled dvds.

fenderputty3829d ago

Shop on amazon. I don't know how many times I've told people this. I just bought "I am Legend" for 18 bucks. I've never payed anything close to the 30 price tag you see at retail stores.

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Boink3830d ago

I was over at a friends house who has a ps3, and he showed me both on a few DVD's he had, and a few blurays and there was very little difference.

when we put a regular dvd player and compared it to blu ray, there was a HUGE difference in quality, but an upscaled DVD is almost exactly the same. the only other difference would be sound, but not many people have a 7.1 system these days anyway.

defeating HDDVD was one victory, there is still an uphill battle for them though. I think it will be easier when the prices of these players drop though, right now the cost just doesn't justify the difference in quality, except for the hardcore movie folks:)

Hagaf223829d ago

no, even upscaled dvds cant compare, if you have a tv big enough you will see how grainy a upscaled dvd gets, people who cant see the difference just cant see. hd blows standard away, i havent bought a standard dvd since i started buying blurays just because i can no longer stand the stadard dvds looks.

Charlie26883829d ago

do you realize you cant output the same level of detail even if upscaled if the original source simply doesn't have it?

upscaling DVDs raises the res (makes the image sharper) but it wont create detail that was not visible in the original 480p res, upscaled DVD will be sharper but NEVER have the same level of detail of a 1080p source...its simply NOT possible

so saying upscaled the look the same or there is little difference is ridiculous if you understand how it works and unless you are trying to compare both upscaeld and Blu Rays on a 17inch HDTV its VERY hard to miss the MASSIVE difference...unless you have eye problems

Fallen_Angel3829d ago

I agree you can tell a difference but its not that big of a difference and if your not really looking for it. You'd never notice it. I've never been in best buy or any place like that where they have blu ray (or hd dvd before it died) on display and seen anyone stop and be amazed or anything by it. In fact people walk by them all the time and never even notice that its blu ray. I still buy all my movies on normal dvd and till the price drops drastically I'll keep buying dvd's

demolitionX3829d ago

if u have a sh!tty TV, you won't even tell the difference between VHS and blu-ray! LOL!!

MorganX3830d ago

While I can tell the difference, I have an HDTV, Surround Sound, and a Receiver capable of handling HD Audio.

People who say they see no difference, probably don't have this type of setup. Of the 40 million PS1/PS2 owners who have not upgraded, I would guess less than 1% have an HDTV or Surround.

The people are right, Bluray doesn't look better than DVD over Coax or an RCA cable.