Wii Sports Club - TV Spot

UK TV Ad for Wii Sports Club features Steffi Graf & Andre Agassi

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mii-gamer1811d ago

bravo -very good ad nintendo

IPLAY21811d ago

Nice add, the question is, will we see it regularly?

AWBrawler1811d ago

this need to be in america too lol. it was good

twistedtrotty1811d ago

Hurrah the nintendo advertising is coming back as we know it! Lets just hope lots of people purchase wii u's!!! Lets face it its the best value console this christmas with a better library of games and system problems all ironed out already. PS4 and Xbox one will eventually be good. but at the moment lots of money for not much of a library of games.Their are sure to be problems and false promises will be realised as well maybe, just like every console launch. My opinion is wait until March/April 2014. What are your thoughts?