Top Smart TVs for next-generation gaming (LCD and Plasma)

PS4Home: "Today’s average Smart TV isn’t just a static machine that can only act as a receiver; no, when you buy one of these units you’re getting what amounts to an entire entertainment package."

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twdll1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

I just purchased the Sony w802 lcd tv 55 incher, and it is fantastic for gaming. Lowest lag time measured and very good motion. I played Bit Trip Runner 2, on an lg tv and it was unplayable. On my new Sony it's perfectly smooth... And lag free to boot. Great tv.

locoz311832d ago

I've always been a plasma guy, 600hz just looks amazing on 60fps games. I have worked in retail selling tv's for 5 years and I can tell you Sony has really finally stepped it up with the w80. Great contrast and black levels and a really crisp picture. I love my Panasonic ST series plasma but if I had to get an LED, the w80's excellent response time, vivid picture , and reasonable price make it in my opinion the best LED on the market.

SporadikStyles1831d ago

Yeah Plasma is where its at

maddskull1831d ago

hey could you tell me a good tv for gaming that is affordable and is from 30" to 47"

Detoxx1832d ago

I've got a LG 42'Full HD LED. Mine has a Game Mode which makes games look better and smooth.

Cryptcuzz1832d ago

I purchased the Sony 55W900A 55" LED just last week mainly in preparation for the PS4 and the picture quality and features is something I always miss when I visit my parents for the weekend. Motion is smooth, built in sound is surprisingly good, picture quality and color is simply awesome and has low input lag for gaming (I think it is around 17 ms)

I'd highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a 55" LED TV for gaming and entertainment.

JLT-Sandwitch1831d ago

I got the same tv and for my ps4 as well. Its a great tv i'm really happy with it. Couldn't do plasma again, gaming ruined my last one. Had a RROD on the screen lol

Cryptcuzz1831d ago


Yeah it is a really good TV for gaming, watching movies and even using your PC on.

I do not have any experience owning a Plasma, but I have read that the older ones have burn-in problems (which is bad for gaming because of the UI and life bars etc.) but the more recent plasma's have a much lower chance of that happening.

twdll1831d ago

Yea, I looked at the w900 as well. I stuck with the w802a though because it was cheaper. Sony is certainly aware that gamers are looking at Tv's to go along with their new consoles. LG on the other hand has screwed the pooch. Offering great design and crappy lag and blur. Sony is da bomb..

Cryptcuzz1831d ago


Yeah sucks for LG and those that bought the blurry and laggy displays.

The W802A is a very good TV as well with very low input lag for gaming. I was initially going to purchase that when I was researching on what to upgrade to in anticipation for the PS4 since it was lower cost.

Ultimately I went with the 900A, since I believe the W802A does not have the Triluminous Display tech inside and decided to spend more. I only upgrade TV once every 4-5 years, so I wanted to kind of go all out. Not 4K all out just yet, but its getting there :)

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mediate-this1832d ago

Got the 60inch panasonic smart led 3d t.v, its sick. The viera.

Minute Man 7211831d ago

Already picked up a 55" LG eariler in the year in anticipation for next gen

hellvaguy1831d ago

Hopefully u got 120mhz or higher to avoid motion blur while gaming.

medman1831d ago

I'm really waiting for the led tv's to come into play before I replace my current tv.

hellvaguy1831d ago

Think you mean oled. Led tv's been out for a few years now.

Now the newest tech some are saying to wait for is 4k tv's or maybe glasses free 3d. Lol I swear it just never ends.

medman1830d ago

Yeah, I corrected my statement almost immediately but for some reason it didn't edit it simply posted a new statement.

medman1831d ago

I'm really waiting for the oled tv's to come into play before I replace my current tv.

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