Here's An Unboxing/Unwrapping of Call of Duty: Ghosts On The PlayStation 4

Recently gamers who have pre-ordered games for their next-generation consoles can pick them up few days earlier than the launch of the consoles itself. Gamers have unboxed PlayStation 4 games such as Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Today, an enthusiastic gamer, MrSerbia97, on YouTube unboxed his copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts for the PlayStation 4.

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Talamak1832d ago

I wonder if every game comes with PS Plus trials...

DarthBigE1832d ago

Shadow Fall came with one....Im guessing til they get a good number of people to join ps+

MRMagoo1231832d ago

god damn teasing me, i still have to wait till the 29th you sick sick weirdos :( /jk kinda

DarthBigE1832d ago

Couldnt watch video, frame rate dropped too much. /s
Still on the fence about getting this game

DeadRabbits1832d ago

Put it back in the box head down to GS and trade it in while it still has some value then pick up BF4!

quenomamen1832d ago

This proud he spent money on this crap ?

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