'It's too expensive'; three little words that are killing gaming

Digitally Downloaded writes: "It's going to be difficult, if not impossible for the industry as a whole to turn around the perception that the content it provides is worthless. But I do think it's important for gamers to understand why more and more game developers will focus on mobile or cheap PC development over consoles, and more of their favourite major developers get shut down, and why there is less and less innovation in game types; it's because the words "too expensive" is a cancer that is destroying the ability for talented developers to make good games."

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windblowsagain1809d ago


It is. Totally agree with title.

I remember getting rainbow islands back in the day. So cheap. But alot of fun:)

UltimateMaster1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

They say Top Quality games, but seriously, what we've gotten over this generation was less content.
You got both COD Ghost and BF4 that both have a short campaign of 4 hours.
I get the feeling of getting ripped-off.

Graphics are better, but there's nothing do in those games most of the time.
The only genres that gives you a decent amount of hours of game-play are either open world adventures or RPGs.

When we look back at the early PS1 games, we went out and say that a 40 hour game was too short. Now we're supposed to pay more $ and get less hours? I don't get it.

Shooters back from the PS2 days were around 10-12 hours. Even Killzone Shadow Fall will be 10 hours.
Doesn't a story or a campaign mean anything to developers?
I guess not, they'd rather focus on the Multi-Player, that way, they can charge you 110$ or 120$ respectively with their Season Pass.
Don't believe me? Go to any store and check them out.
COD Ghost & BF4.

Yes, it cost WAY too much and you get virtually Nothing in return for your $.

DeadRabbits1809d ago

It is pricey DLC that is killing gaming! I can handling a once off game price tag but not the milking of my man-teats for DLC!

GarrusVakarian1809d ago

That's why you rent the game, play it and buy the season pass then when the DLC is released you re-rent it ;)

And by DLC i mean made from scratch after the game has been released DLC, the best kind.

UltimateMaster1809d ago

And it's people that think like you who are killing the gaming industry by turning it into this Greedy Monster that offers 0 quality yet takes all of your money.

Zichu1809d ago

In the UK, games usually sell at around £40, but this depends on the game.

Popular games, like CoD, GTA, Battlefield, etc. sell for like £45, but you can find them a little cheaper if you look around. A lot of other games sell for around £36 to £38.

I'm so used to paying that much, that it just feels normal. I don't go out and buy every game at launch like I used to because it's expensive and wasteful. I buy one game or even none on release day, play the hell out of it and usually buy a different game for like half the price.

Digital games in the UK are very expensive. I don't think Nintendo, MS and Sony realize how much physical copies sell in stores or online retailers. I've seen their games sell on their respective online stores for £10+ more than physical copies. They must sell them at the RRP, which isn't something I'm willing to pay.

DCfan1809d ago

You know whats killing gaming?? The AAA market. so stagnant as 5 year old fart locked in a jar

contradictory1809d ago

PSN should learn from Steam...
Steam actually has the best pricing out of any downloadable service and for that i bow down to thee pc master race.

ABizzel11809d ago

As far as consoles go PSN is the closest to Steam. As of late there's always something on sale, this month is a Atlus sale, and Vita Fighting game sales (50% off with PS+).

They also have Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday sales annually, as well as a bunch of developer/publisher sales throughout the year, on top of all the free games per month PS+ gives you.

PSN is doing just fine IMO.

UltimateMaster1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

PSN should consider Day-1 purchase for 50$ like Steam.
If developers are fine with 50$ on Steam, they this shouldn't be a problem on the PS4.

They've already made it cheaper on the Vita were downloadable games are 10% cheaper than their physical counterparts. So I don't see why not.

But don't forget, this is only as far as day-1 purchases go. PSN Store offers great promotional sales just as Steam and all that other good stuff.

ABizzel11808d ago


We'll see since developers can price their own games, problem is publishers know console gamers are willing to pay more, meanwhile if your get crazy with PC prices they'll just pirate the game.

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