Vista Hits Nov. 30

ActiveWin is reporting that Windows Vista launches on Nov. 30 along with Office 2007, confirming that Microsoft is going to hit their promised delivery of Vista in 2006.

That being said, the consumer versions of Vista are still planned for a January 2007 release, with ActiveWin saying it will likely be Jan. 30.

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Marriot VP4463d ago

no freaking way, I thought this would never come out. I thought it was going to be early 2007.

Well even better, good to know their delivering this year.

highps34462d ago

Ill pass on this. Who knows what BS M$ included. Ever since the whole single device install thing ill just stick with XP and widgets.

Not to mention its M$ so you know there will be issues and patches. It will be XP all over.

DEIx15x84462d ago

I've been using it as my main system since May and it seems ready. The new Aero GUI is the main reason to upgrade because the rest of the system is still XP based. The only issue i've found with it is the huge percentage of XP compatible software and hardware that is not compatible with Vista.