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While the admittedly generic campaign hits all the right notes, it clocks in at a mere 4-5 hours (the shortest in a series known for short campaigns). The multiplayer experience is laggy, the gun selection is poor, and maps are far too large and cluttered for the game’s 6-on-6 matches. Die-hard fans will squeeze some fun out of the game’s fundamentally sound core gameplay as always, but we should expect more from Infinity Ward. Instead, they’ve taken a step back from Modern Warfare 3 and crafted what feels like Black Ops II with a new coat of paint… and that’s not a good thing.

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RealGamerspeaks1807d ago

5.5 who wrote this piece of crap...... Multiplayer has been refreshed and faster and more crisp... SP was amazing and epic..... graphics are never COD shinning moments..... i say atleast 8/10

GarrusVakarian1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Most reviews have been underwhelming for this game, maybe the appeal of this series is finally starting to wear off for some people?

8/10? That's cool, its your opinion but to a lot of people, faster MP (which is already fast) and a Michael Bay 4 hour campaign doesn't = 8/10.

NarooN1807d ago

I've seen the MP. It's the same. Not to mention riddle with bugs and poor netcode. I don't see how people can ignore (or not even detect) all of the deficiencies in the games every year.

MethCupcakes1807d ago

What? poor net code? Please show me some proof? This game was worth the $10 I paid. I’ll give it 7.9/10 for SP and a rough 8 for Mp

RickHiggity1806d ago

"Running around a map like Stormfront can sometimes result in an entire quarter of a match without so much as hearing an enemy"

"player chatter was filled with laughter and frustration as spawn kills became the primary source of death"

Yea. 8/10

jaelegend1807d ago

this is just from years over the same thing no ones fualt but IW.

Parasyte1807d ago

That's two reviews that I've seen that have given this game a score in the five area!

supes_241807d ago

Finally! I hope this makes IW change the COD formula. Like the review says, I'm tired of the copy and paste format they've been using over the years. They can make a great game, we've all played the first MW and that was epic. But since then they haven't really ventured out and made any changes. Just the same ol cuff with different scenery.

NoobJobz1807d ago

I Agree. The maps are too big for 6 v 6. I rarely see anybody the entire match. I can spend a minute running around and not seeing a soul. The spawns are terrible but they can at least fix that. I don't know how many times someone has spawned on me or I have spawned on the enemy.

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