Is Nintendo Network About to Expand to Third Party Applications?

Tynan Muddle at Aussie-Gamer writes: "Nintendo Network could be about to expand to allow other services such as Facebook and other third party applications share information with players Nintendo Network ID (NNID), according to a website Aussie-Gamer has discovered."

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vishmarx1807d ago

a little too late donchya think?
besides nintendo fans have made it clear that they dont really need 3rd party games

ChickeyCantor1807d ago

Nintendo fans don't need half baked ports. There is a major difference.

vishmarx1807d ago

beggars cant be choosers

ChickeyCantor1807d ago

Really don't see how that is relevant to anything. You said they don't want third party games. I simply stated that like any other person no one wants bad games.

Neonridr1807d ago

is it too much to ask vishmarx to get at the bare minimum an equal port? Otherwise it's no surprise when the game sells poorly.

_QQ_1807d ago

No one is begging, hence the poor sales.

XabiDaChosenOne1807d ago

Need for speed and splinter cell black list were both good ports to the system and nobody bought them on the WiiU. Enough excuses.

SpiralTear1807d ago


A good port is not necessarily an equal port. In the case of Blacklist, it was not equal. It had a lot of technical issues that never got resolved, while the other consoles' issues did.

As for Need for Speed, it may have been an okay game, but it was still a port of an older title that didn't do much to justify a purchase on Wii U. Unless there's something mind-blowingly good in the exclusive features, no one will buy a port of a game that's so old, especially if they already own the game on 360 or PS3. EA is completely guilty of half-assed Wii U ports; there's no excuse for that.

jcnba281806d ago


NFS was released months after the other versions.

Splinter Cell Blacklist was not a good port because the online was broken from day 1 and Ubisoft didn't release a patch until just a few weeks ago.

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GoldenElf1807d ago

Erm... this has nothing to do with third party games.

This is about third party APPLICATIONS. For example, I could make an online forum and ask you to sign in with your Nintendo Network ID, instead of Facebook or Twitter.

Or I could make an application where Facebook auto-posts to Miiverse.

This could potentially be massive for Nintendo as releasing some NNID API's, all kinds of people could take advantage of Nintendo's platform. Look at how successful Facebook and Twitter have been by allowing third party applications access their API's.

LAWSON721807d ago

Smart people get bubbles

hduce1807d ago

Maybe you should tell them to read the f*cking article before commenting.

KonsoruMasuta1807d ago

You didn't even read the article and have no idea what it's about. You just thought it was a good opportunity to troll.

1807d ago
DarthZoolu1807d ago

Gamers are not beggers we are consumers with money! The fact is 3rd party games will be better on xbo and ps because of their capabilities. Hardware is not all that matters but its a really big deal when it comes to computer or gaming anything. I think they should be focused on games not apps. They need to make their next game complete! Online, good visuals, good AI, I just want to play a real 2014 Zelda that competes with Skyrim. I know Nintendo doesn't want to compete with anyone but for my money I want a company to work for it. I am the consumer and if you are not willing to work (or compete) for my money you want get it. Sony and MS are ready to kill each other for my money and attention and I love it.

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Venox20081807d ago

I really hope that this is something related to NNID to have a unified account (3DS x Wii U) or at least using same account on multiple Wii U or 3DS..

mydyingparadiselost1807d ago

I was thinking the same thing. A unified system is coming, it just needs to come quickly.

Misaka_x_Touma1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

quickly isn't an option

Taking the time to get correct out the gate is.

Reason why 3DS Fall Update was delayed.

Wii U has account system just not unified til 3DS Next Big Update is live.

SpiralTear1807d ago

It would be great to access both 3DS and Wii U Miiverse forums on Wii U, then on 3DS on the go.

XisThatKid1807d ago

Didn't know it wasn't, cool I guess.

rinslowe1807d ago

This is nothing but good, if true.