Child Predators Accused of Using Nintendo's SwapNote Service

"On October 31, Nintendo suddenly announced it was ending its SwapNote service for the 3DS. Nintendo said SwampNote had been "actively misused" to transmit "offensive material" among system users, including minors. Now we know how offensive and unsettling some of that that material was."
-Brian Ashcraft

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majiebeast1867d ago

This is why we cant have nice things. Disgusted no wonder they suspended the service.

mii-gamer1867d ago

Evil men really - no one to blame but these two tards.

BullyMangler1866d ago

Another one for the history books .

Kalebninja1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

who cares if they're stupid enough to do something like that well thats there problem dont freakin cancel the app just block users... honestly a really stupid situation...i still cant believe young girls are just that stupid

klecser1866d ago

Way to blame the victim. Typical gamer reaction.

Kalebninja1866d ago

it has nothing to do with being gamer or that it happened on a gaming console it happens on all websites and such i was speaking in a general way and i see it on the news all the time with these stupid kids all the time never learning

klecser1866d ago

I'm not sure you understand what "blaming the victim" means, because you're still doing it.

Here ya go: