Will the first GTA V DLC feature Trevor’s mom?

According to new rumours started by IGN's Greg Miller the first GTA V DLC missions could be prequels to the main story and star Trevor and his lovely mother

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GarrusVakarian1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

DLC showing how Trevor ended up as F'd up as he is maybe and his antics in his younger days? Judging from his Mother, its not hard to imagine how he ended up so crazy lol.

Hazmat131859d ago

i would think spoiler thing this stuff stop don't read go no. after i finished the game if you head back to his home you run into Trevor's mom she asks you to steal a crap ton of pills from a hospital. then when you get back she's gone and trevor breaks down crying then yells for his mommy.... is kinda depressing....

creeping judas1859d ago

Maybe the DLC is getting his mom back? Somebody obvioulsy kidnapped her.

DoggyBiscuit1859d ago

I want to play as Lamar in the next DLC

Grave1859d ago

Trevor's mom has got it going on!