PS4 Knack Companion iPhone Game Releases On App Store

The Knack PS4 companion app has released on the iTunes store.

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vishmarx1859d ago

meh app for a meh game.
honestly how many of you would of got this if it were a psn 20$ title.?
bad choice for an awesome launch

shancake1859d ago

I think the game looks awesome... Have you played it?

HugoDrax1859d ago

Played it at my GameStop earlier, and I was disappointed. I'm in love with FIFA, can't wait to pick that up. I canceled my KILLZONE pre order and put the money on infamous.

I picked up COD Ghost for my 360, paid off my PS4, picked up my extra DualShock 4, pre ordered Forza limited edition, and TitanFall collectors edition for my xbox one.

hulk_bash19871859d ago

Day One for me can't wait till next week.

Funantic11859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

I played Knack at GameStop today. It should be called wack. Seriously this games sucks soooo bad. No exaggeration. The graphics didn't impress me. I couldn't see any detail in the faces. The environment was so basic it was very disappointing. It made me not want a PS4 or Xbox One even tho I'll get both anyway. I played another PS4 game called Motherload I believe. It had to be an indie game. No way could a person play that for more than a hour at a time. I checked out the controllers and system. The PS4 system was bigger than I expected. What's funny is that the X1 was smaller than what I expected when I saw it at Best Buy 2 days earlier. The PS eye was the size of a snicker bar. The PS4 controller itself felt almost like the PS3 controller on display right beside it. The only difference was the PS4 controller has slightly rounder bigger handles. And the controller has a nice rubber grip material on it. The blue light on the controller wasn't distracting tho I did play during the day. The thing I didn't like was the analog sticks are still positioned too low on the controller. So my first impression was mix but more negative. But I'll give it another chance I guess.

SegaSaturn6691859d ago

You need to check into an insane asylum STAT

WeAreLegion1859d ago

At least you put effort into your trolling. Still, it's obvious trolling...and I'm going to have to debubble you. Sorry, man.

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PositiveEmotions1859d ago

I played it and imo its reallt fun :)

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USEYOURFIST1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

and yet again android gets shafted! would of given this a go but im not a fan of iphones.

Edit - so it is coming to android, with details this week

Still annoying though that andriod has to wait considering the size of its instal base.

MartinB1051859d ago

Worse yet that Sony's own platform - The Vita - has no announced version. Okay, the Vita is not a big user-base, but it's their own platform!


yea to be honest i think any things like this should be on the vita aswell. It needs all the stuff it can get really!

Tiechie1859d ago

The reason I'm getting this game is because, it's something different and looks fun. I'm starting to get sick of shooters. I wonder if there's going to be a collectors edition with a knack figure, would snap that up straight away.

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