Gamertell Review: The World Ends with You

From the Review, "The World Ends with You (TWEWY) is one of the most innovative and engaging games ever released. If you are only going to get one game for the DS in 2008, this is it. It provides a new way in which rpgs can be executed and proves that Square Enix, a company often criticized for its remakes and ports, is capable of releasing phenomenal new intellectual properties.

The story in TWEWY starts with a typical rpg stereotype - an amnesiac character is placed in an unreal situation and must triumph over countless opponents. Don't be put off by that, as the storyline twists and turns countless times. Just when you think you have everything worked out and pinned down, something changes. You're left realizing that you only were looking at one side of the story."

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PS360WII3829d ago

dang a perfect ^^ I agree so far I'm only a bit into it but it really is a cool game