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gameseveryday1808d ago

Back in 2006, many people had written the PS3 off. A famous industry personality even stated that it won't even sell a million.

But boy, what a turn around. From zero to hero, from awfulness to greatness, Sony have literally been awesome in the last 5 years.

Abash1808d ago

I'm very excited to see how long the PS3 sells into the PS4's life cycle. The PS3 deserves all the success and more, it made me a fan of Sony as a publisher with all the amazing exclusives that they brought to the console and it was my very first taste of Blu-Ray

Maddens Raiders1808d ago

I waited three days in a tent in the snow to buy my phats. Worth every damn minute.

itBourne1808d ago

I waited two days outside in Phoenix lol, it was an absolute blast though. Group of people in front of me took me in, we had monopoly, hookas, beer, was a fantastic time. Sad I wont be doing that again this generation = /

mikeslemonade1807d ago

Those people can eat crow. So many people said the PS3 would never pass 360 in sales. Even hiphopgamer said it wouldn't happen.

However if you just get your head out of circumstances in the present time then you can just scientifically see the PS3 was going to win.

Boody-Bandit1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

The PS3 will once again break through the 100 million sold mark in the next couple years or less. I wouldn't be surprised if it sells over 120 million units when all is said and done. They will drop the price a few times over the next couple years that will help them get there.

That's the best thing about Sony. They support their hardware long after their new successor arrives.

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decrypt1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

80million units sold, people must have bought billions of usd worth of games on the PS3 too bad Sony doesnt offer BC on the PS4 for any of those games.

Oh well that should help prop up PS3 sales in the future, as people keep rebuying the PS3 to play older games. Good for Sony, more PS3s sold.

BBBirdistheWord1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I bought a ps3 two years ago in Australia for $AU229 with 120gb HDD while it was on special at Big W.

Man, what a great purchase: blurays, great library, great indies, PSN free.
So versatile.

I even use my ps3 browser to go to movies25 and stream movies.
Granted, you can do that on any browser but it's still cool. google it.

Sony did a lot of things right with that little box.

Spontogical1808d ago

erm I mean... did people ever have any doubt??

You'd have to be an idiot to think the PS3 wouldn't outsell the X360 over the course of it's lifespan. Even if it had a 2 year head start (18 months in europe remember) - it'd still outsell it (brand is simply stronger)

insomnium21807d ago

Hmmm.... you'd think that but I think you would be surprized how gaming sites were back in 2005-2008. Nothing but doom and FUD against PS3.

PS3 will sell well over 100 million consoles in it's lifetime. Even close to 130 million. My estimation ofc.

-Foxtrot1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Zero to Hero...The PS3 is Hercules

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Majin-vegeta1808d ago

Lol I.member at the beginning of.this gen.Everyone was like PS3 is dead in the waterbla bla bla..
Whos suckers?

BBBirdistheWord1808d ago

It's funny how the start of the ps3 very much mirrors the start of the xbo? No?

MysticStrummer1808d ago

In some ways, yes. In others, no. PS3 was more expensive and harder to work on just like XB1 is, but PS3 was also more powerful which XB1 is not.

DeadIIIRed1808d ago

I don't remember Sony wanting to charge me for trading in games.

solidboss071808d ago

Not really. Yes, in terms of negativity and that is all. PS3 had state-of-the-art technology, was more capable, to bring an Xbox up to par-not power with HDD, HD DVD add on, controller batteries, Wi-Fi ect made it more expensive.
Anybody can look at GT6 doing what Forza 5 can't, and see that PS3 should sell well.

BBBirdistheWord1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

nah you guys are missing the point.

The ps3 had teh cell.
The xbo has teh cloud.

The cell was an amazing piece of tech with difficulties in implementation.
Ditto the cloud.

In the end the cell came through. Witness TLOU on ps3 after seven years on the market, finally amazed us all.

Why can't that also apply to the cloud?

Seven years is a long time. Just imagine.
(This requires unequipping the fanboy pitchforks though)

Eyeco1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

PS3 was the last of it's competitors to release it didn't release in Europe until 2007, it costed more than 3x the price of the Wii, and almost twice that of the 360, PSN was still in it's early stages and therefore not up to standards, couple that with it's steep programming difficulty and supposed "lack" of games it's future appeared very bleak to the industry, if it was any other company they would have succumbed to industry expectations.

I see allot of people trying to compare the Wii-U and even the XB1 to the PS3's first few years, it's futile, neither of these companies have anywhere near as much hurdles as the PS3 initially had. And even if they did, that's a fail on those companies to repeat the mistakes Sony made 6-7 years ago, rather than learn from them.

The Wii-U and XB1 to a lesser extent, may appear as the butt of the joke, but those consoles are in a far better position than the PS3 was at the beginning of this gen, that's why I rarely if ever comment of the boring doom and gloom articles I see for these consoles

abzdine1807d ago

are xbox fanboys saying now suddenly that PS3 is a huge success? :D

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DeadIIIRed1808d ago

I remember Gabe Newell saying the system was junk and Sony needed to start over along with the whole PS3 is a paper-weight joke.

Misaka_x_Touma1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

so it has outsold 360 as people made it out to be after all.

Funantic11808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

The 360 sold 80 million worldwide way back in October as reported by N4G. So the 360 should be ahead if the PS4 is just now reaching 80 million. Also consider that Sony combined PS2 and PS3 sales. How else could it be explained that the 360 has sold more software?

Plus Xbox as a brand came out years later after Playstation

bageara1808d ago

Really? That's awesome considering the PS3 was released after the 360 therefore the PS3 has indeed outsold the 360

ZBlacktt1808d ago

MS bricked 1 million consoles for pirated content. So that's 1 million more they sold as those gamers had to go re buy the system.

With 3 years of RROD, it's a fact many went and re bought the system. While others sent theirs in. The motherboard was changed some 6 times. Thus once again gamers went and bought the "fixed" versions each time.

Basically all of MS numbers are a total guess due to total quality issues.

kornbeaner1808d ago

Well if you takeaway the 1 year 10 million unit headstart by the 360. The PS3 has outsold the X360 in the last 7 years they have both shared the market.

But who cares we are at the dawn of a new generation.

itBourne1808d ago

Do you forget the Playstation 1 came out of no where and decimated the other consoles? Plus who cares, they both did well which is healthy for the game industry. With all the support Sony has showed gamers, and non stop exclusives that just kept coming you should be more supportive.

SlyFamous021808d ago

Well according to VGCharts (and Im not saying its a worthy source) the Xbox has not sold 80 mil yet and that it is almost a full mil behind the PS3.

GribbleGrunger1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

From the very first article you link to:

"Microsoft has now sold to retailers (that is, shipped) more than 80 million consoles across the world, the company announced today as part of its NPD report for September."

That is EXACTLY what the article says and I haven't added the words in brackets either. You have got to start understanding the difference between shipped and sold.

The PS3 is now around 1.5 million ahead. I remember when the PS3 was 2 million behind and Xbox fans were saying it would never catch up. How times change.

XisThatKid1807d ago

I really want to be on this hype train but I must say the only thing that even attempt to make sense in this post was That PS2 and PS3 were lumped together to make your point. I must exploit that bringing up quarter sales in a world lifetime numbers discussion that might I add was over a year old hardly relevant at this point not because of the time but from a market share standpoint. If they lumped world wide sale Playstation 3(+2) sales would be over 200+ million thats more than Xbox + 360 + X1 announced preorders sales combined that makes that null now.

Moving along, like others have said above MS still had sales boostd that can't be denied RRoD Sales and Ban Hammer sales. MS could't sell over the general standard year units sold to consumers, 10 million. Almost all mainstream consoles have sold 10 mill plus in it's fist year and 360 couldn't even do this without direct competition. A 11-12 month field day alone on the market. All these "reports" almost only bring up U.S. numbers it's most successful territory.

Like I said was mentioned by others was the fact MS announced units shipped back in Sept of 2013 as 79.5 mill.

No wait wait wait get back here don't run away I' not done so your trying to tell me that Xbox brand is younger and that justifies the lack of sales here go a not diamond cut accurate article to at least get in the same mind state

Now with that being said so how did PS Epic all over Nintendo for two generations even though Ninty had a way stronger band name. It didn't just do that its first swing but second as well even worse and with an ADDITIONAL competitor the Xbox(1). I know you can't reply but we're on the fact train and not getting off.

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AngelicIceDiamond1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

@Misaka The 360 just as much as the PS3.

Like I been saying for a while they are even in sales. Which is great for everyone.

And please don't go there ppl. Its done, both sold well and will continue to sell well. Don't make excuses, no if's, and's, or buts. There's no arguing the numbers are here for both, and lets just be happy MS and Sony are still in this.

Here's to next gen gaming.

Eyeco1808d ago

Sony at their worst can still outsell Microsoft at their best, what does that tell you about the brand ?

Misaka_x_Touma1807d ago

even though that may be true but this microsoft second system and sony third. We cant see Microsoft full best til Xbone comes which maybe their worst.

hulk_bash19871808d ago

Congrats to Sony and the Playstation brand. Well deserved and well earned. Thank you for the past 7 years of countless hours and days of PS3 gaming bliss.

5eriously1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Now take that all the deniers! I will never forget the pre and post release PS3 drama and all the hate we had to endure. I revel in the fact that the tables turned for the next gen.

Thanks Sony for Greatness was, still is and awaits some more!

This is why I will still support Sony in future!

Quote: ["PlayStation 3 still has a large lineup of big titles on the way, like Gran Turismo 6 on December 6. Over 300 titles are to be released from first and third-party publishers this holiday season, Sony said."]

BX811808d ago

You must have grown to be a better person for all you had to endure....

insomnium21807d ago

No it just showed us how unbelievably stupid people and the media are. Both stupid and unreliable.