Forza 5 Now Playable On Xbox One At Microsoft Stores

Microsoft now has Turn 10 Studios' Forza Motorsport 5 playable on Xbox One at their Microsoft Stores across the US.

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SKullDugger1811d ago

Forza 5 only ships with 200 cars on the blu-ray disc this is very sad...

Belking1811d ago

At least it's shipping though.

Thegamer411811d ago

I'm sure that was a jab at Drive Club which shouldn't even be compared to a simulator.
Compare it to GT6 which is last gen, have a look.

kB01811d ago

Dude, why would u ever need more? I mean I personally choose a few cars I like (which most likely the game has part of the 200) and just drive with them!

Do you want to drive a VW Golf in a racer or something? I mean you can drive a VH golf in real life for pretty damn cheap, I think ur gonna wanna go for the Ferraris!

200 is good enough for me!

SKullDugger1811d ago

Thats not my point there is over 200 great cars out there that are not VW Golf and are worthy of this game.

XisThatKid1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Yea YOU may use a few cars I or THEY even may use a few cars but with more cars we still have better odds we don't use the same cars like GT6 has my car Eagle Talon but Forza does as well indeed have(HAD maybe)my model TSi. Drive Club or these other games don't have too many of those real world cars like the sims do I like that. Thats just my opinion.

WeAreLegion1811d ago

Debubble for trolling and move on. You're just antagonizing him with that crap.

StifflerK1811d ago

Most likely due to autovista - all 200 of those cars have a full autovista + commentary - compared to Forza 4 which had about 20.

likeaboss3021810d ago

Not enough Skyline for you?

Golden_Mud1810d ago

You forgot one thing , it isn't copy pasted

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kB01811d ago

I prefered GT 5 over forza, but Horizon I absolutely adored. If Horizon 2 comes to Xbox one, I'm definitely buying it! That was one of my favorite racers of all time! More than GT 5:D

josephayal1811d ago

A Truly Next Generation Experience, 1080p 60 FPS

Ron_Danger1811d ago

Hopefully this starts an actually conversation on here and not just a bunch of troll responses, but why is it now ok for Forza to ship with 200 cars on disc, but was a total disaster when Gran Turismo 5 shipped with 200 premium cars and 1000 standard cars?

SKullDugger1811d ago

I agree all that storage space on blu-ray its been in development for 4 yrs and it only has 200 cars and no 2014 Corvette stngray which is on Gran turismo 5?

Budz_McGr33n1810d ago

More cars will be released as DLC down the line. I can see you're new to videogames.

GryestOfBluSkies1810d ago


i can see you've missed the point

SKullDugger1811d ago

This is next Gen? Forza 4 shipped with over 500 cars.