Call of Duty: Ghosts has been hacked

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a game that a lot of us have been waiting a really long time for. It was released yesterday for consoles and Windows PC and many gamers were very excited. Some gamers, however, were more excited than others:

Obtaining early copies of the game, a group of gamers have allegedly managed to hack the console versions for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Players are reporting the use of aimbots, speed boosts and experience points (XP) mods via Twitter and NeoGAF forums.

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HoldenZA1859d ago

Call of Duty and hacking go hand in hand

HanCilliers1859d ago

Yip, it's always gonna happen hey

Choc_Salties1859d ago

New engine, dogs and girls,ha! try securing your code you lazy sods and build something robust for a change

Allsystemgamer1859d ago

If you paint a car is it a new car?




plut0nash1859d ago

it's called cost cutting :P

Spinal1859d ago

It's the same engine. You thought they cared enough to make a new engine?? Lol.

GabeSA1859d ago

Its pretty simple really, hackers are synonymous with COD

DesVader1859d ago

Always seems to happen when the new game is released. I just don't understand these @^%[email protected]#'s that need to hack! Sad people. Just play the game.

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