Step Ya Game Up Podcast Ep 116: Just In Time For The Launch Of Next-Gen

GOS: Jerrett Calloway (Blade206), Charles King (DCI), and Wynton Harris (Worsecase) come together once again to bring you the best infotainment podcast on the net. The SYGU crew is excited to return and give you the latest news and honest opinions about the video game industry and culture while bringing the fun back to gaming. Listen and Laugh! In this episode we talked about the following:

- Call of Duty Ghosts Impressions

- Will You get the Xbox One, PS4 or Both

- Pros and Cons of Xbox One and PS4

- Titan Fall exclusive for its “lifetime.” What does that mean?

- Xbox One listening to conversations

- Microsoft innovates again by making NEW resolutions

- Is the Wii U doomed?

- As always we have a Step Ya Game Up and much more...

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karl1809d ago

finally .. its been a while

1808d ago
WorseCase1808d ago

Thanks for the support!

karl1808d ago

Thx u. U guys have the most entertaining podcast out there..

pop-voxuli1809d ago

"Step Ya Game Up"??? What is this, the early 90's???

otherZinc1808d ago

The most entertaining, yet, most wrong podcast is back!

Hope you guys talk about how Forza 5 sent Drive Club back to the lab.

Hope you guys talk about the extremely weak launch day exclusives for the PS4, just 2, one is, only 1 exclusive- Killzone:SF.

Yeah, I'll listen tonight & forward this podcast to my boys for a listen.

WorseCase1808d ago

Thanks for the support OtherZinc! We will shout you out next time.

kingPoS1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I miss you guys podcasts, but as of today I've got no way to download or discreetly listen to them.

What about rapidshare or mediafire?

otherZinc1807d ago


I'll never miss you guys show!

You can shout all you guys want, Killzone & Knack will still release @ 30fps in the single player with no co-op for either game.

I was on the floor lmao at parts of this show. No one should drive & listen to this.

Yet, you guys are still wrong.

WorseCase1808d ago

I'll see what I can work out.

Enate1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

I guess you guys didn't know about it at the time of recording but the no DLNA and mp3 playback is a pretty heavy con for ps4 right now. An yea you guys are right 720p on the X1 on a game like cod for damn sure a con for me. We will see how things shape up going forward but if Sony maintains form. An brings the onslaught of first party titles even better then the PS3 era with hopefully quite a few rpgs thrown in there I see them running away with this. Provided the American public an press stop making excuses for them.

I mean you guys should really see the guy david di franco on youtube. I swear this guy is trying to hard along with a few others to downplay the fact that this X1 is already showing some pretty heavy weaknesses. Comments like people should remember a lot of people buy xbox for the experience. I am like so you buy a more expensive console to play games at lower res then the competition out the gate. So you can be like man that's one hell of a hot ass ui man dem 1080p menus.

A lot of people don't understand this isn't down the road somewhere when the consoles are showing their age. These things still haven't even come out yet and the X1 is even struggling with games like Dead Rising that are exclusive to it(720p)30fps. I will say I don't think a lot of people including a lot of PC gamers really know what it takes to run every game 1080p 60fps.

I have a rig with a 3770k oc'd to 4.6ghz and gtx 680 an crysis 3 is not going to play 1080p 60fps on my rig. An I have what is still considered a pretty high end PC. So that whole man you can play everything for 500 to 600 on a pc 1080p 60fps is bs. Don't even get me started on the frame drops I got in ACIII. Just because the maybe 3%'s out there are busting out 1440p or 1600p or triple monitor resolution doesn't mean the world over is. To pull that kind of res an get 60fps is a lot of money an constant upgrading year over year.

Also man I missed you guys. I just started getting back into podcast like a few weeks back an was trying to explain to my gf that you guys were the only podcast I used to listen to. You guys usually kept it straight up with what was going on no bs pr spin. An that hasn't really seemed to change so will be adding you guys to my android podcast list welcome back.