Down Memory Lane Xbox Consoles Specficiations Comparison: Xbox in 2001 To Xbox One in 2013

Take a look at comparison specifications of Xbox (2001) with Xbox 360 (2005) and Xbox One (2013)

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AirHype1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Why was the 32mb eSRAM not included on the specs? I feel like that is maybe one of X1's most important hardware pieces. After all, MS did choose it specifically over GDDR5.

More OT: I am impressed by the 3.2GHz processor in the 360... I had no clue. That isn't too bad at all for 2005. It would have been cool to see something more amazing in the next-gen consoles to fully utilize all of the graphics power. Especially in the PS4.

The_Ozymandias1807d ago

If you wanted to see more out of the PS4, then I shudder to think how disappointing the Xbox One is going to be for you. It seems more hopeless by the day. Especially in terms of the graphics power you wanted to see.

AirHype1807d ago

No I have PS4 preordered. That's why I thought it would have been better to see a faster CPU in the PS4.

The_Ozymandias1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

My mistake, what launch games are you getting? I think we'll see a bit of longevity with the PS4, as it ages, people learn to use it much more sparingly and dynamically. I don't think anyone would really believe Resistance: Fall of Man and The Last Of Us were achieved on the same console.

AirHype1807d ago

For now I am just sticking with BF4, KZ:SF, and maybe 2K14. I am still deciding if I should put that 2K14 money to a PS VITA... Decisions decisions.

Oh you said it! If they can do TLOU on PS3, what will they be able to do with the PS4?? :)
Unfortunately I have not been able to play TLOU because I do not own a PS3 :(

KimoNoir1807d ago

The 3.2ghz tricore processor of the 360 is still to me (an owner of a i5 3570k @ 4.5ghz) very impressive considering how powerful it is from 2005. Even the PS3 also.
For so many years of trying to save money for a good cpu, ive always been envious of the 2005/2006 era console cpus running these awesome games while I was bottlenecked by some crappy quad core (intel q9400 @ 3.0ghz)

The_Ozymandias1807d ago

Yeah I don't either anymore, I had to sell it to get the PS4. Man, I am so excited for launch. I'm getting ShadowFall for now, but if I were you, I'd hold back on getting the VITA until the PS4 ecosystem has evolved enough to warrant getting it. Throw that money at another game!

TheKingWilliamV1807d ago

Wait just one moment Microsoft forgot to add its greatest feature, I'll just leave this right here

SilentGuard1807d ago

The last section that compares GDDR3 memory and DDR3 memory is interesting. Shows the Xbones priorities weren't gaming compared to the 360 and that the 360 8 years ago ad superior memory.

kratos_TheGoat1807d ago

you can hate ms all you want but the first two are classic the first xbox and 360. I hope x1 is a classic in the making