The Sad (and deadly) Fact: Hours Spent Playing Video Games

It’s not unusual to find an individual spending his free time playing video games. I know that after class, I like to unwind by turning on my Xbox and playing a few games of FIFA – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! However, some people take it way too far – to the point that it’s almost disturbing.

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PoSTedUP1897d ago

i played socom2 for a whole summer, im talking every single day the first thing i did when i woke up was turn the tv on (left the ps2 on, on the lobby screen...) and play till 4 in the morning, woke up @ around 10-12 and did the same thing every day for almost three months.

but come to think of it, i dont ever remember not playing games, practically, since i was at least 3. and nowadays im playng games not only when im home but everywhere i go thanks to the vita (back then it was the gameboys and game gear-----> ds n psp). i use to fake being sick as much as possible to stay home from school and play spyro. videogames and pinball machines was just a part of who i was and what i am today.

QUNE1897d ago

Boy.... Socom2 took it's toll on me. It's hard to believe that S2 released 10 years ago this week. Time flies.

vitullo311897d ago

i miss it more than ever.. good times

PoSTedUP1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

i know right... me and my cuz Loved Spec Ops games on ps1 bc of the coop (split screen), when we saw socom we knew it was gonne be the best thing ever. far from coop, but with two tvs and twp ps2's in the same room playing online, we were in heaven, straight up euphoria. man... the clans, the friends, the clan wars, the fun, the serious moments, the silly... i litterally want to be stuck in that world again forever. call me crazy just as long as i get a "HoO RAH!" to go along with it ; ).

P.S. Hhour World Elite should be a real Socom. David Sears knows what we want, and is giving us what weve been asking for.

JaxLester1897d ago

Wow that is alot. I use to play alot as well before I got married. LOL

sdcazares19801897d ago

I just think that too many people are trying to do everything with gaming, owning as many games and systems as possible. Unless you work for the industry, it's not a realistic approach, and yes, even deadly.

Moderation in all things.

tigner1897d ago

/\ this.....i fell into this trap and finally realized that I can't keep up with the Joneses any more. I have the Wii U and am quite happy, I was going to get the PS4 (even have it preordered), but due to a pet emergency...those funds have to go towards that bill.

it dawned on me....the only reason i want a launch console so bad is just so i can play a friend online Call of Duty. I said...i'm stressing myself out trying to figure out a way to justify still keeping the PS4 and finding a differant way to fund the vet bill.

So i may get a PS4 for christmas next year or maybe not.....its amazing how much people work themselves up thinking they have to have the latest and greated, but all it does is hurt themselves emotionally and financially.

PoSTedUP1897d ago

yeah man as much of a fanboy as i am, im not getting a ps4 at launch, there is still too much gaming to be had on the ps3 and vita hell even the psp. im getting a 3DS first too. im waiting for a certain game to release on the ps4. game as much as you want just be smart about it, there is no rush to jump into the next gen, and i have the funds, but id rather spend them on other games/equipment atm.

Jovanian 1897d ago

time spent having fun is not time wasted. If you've the time, the resources, and the desire, game to your hearts content. It is your life, not someone elses

CrossingEden1897d ago

This is a pretty pretentious article. -_-
"i don't know if I should envy that amount of free time or feel sad that they spend it playing video games"
Um, who is looking for this guy's approval on how to spend their free time?

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The story is too old to be commented.