Call Of Duty: Ghosts Review Scores: Proof Of A Downturn?

The review scores thus far haven't exactly been glowing, and that could indicate a definite franchise slip. Is CoD in need of another revolution...?

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Cuzzo631897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

So this what gaming journalism has become. Smh. I kno there is somerhing more important to discuss. not to bash the article but instead why are not harder 9n companies pushing out the same out dated shit. I thought this was a rebuilt engine for Ghosts... Where the fuc is it.aybe they 4got to add the new engine. How about these topics...

Why are we still paying same price for digital games as retail...
Why is Microsoft so hush hush on their Xb1...
Wtf is goin on with this fanboy war.
Why did Sony and MSoft go with these weak cpu's
Why are the fanboy pc guys so against consoles
How will the pc world be without consoles.
How will the console world be without the pc.

Emme1897d ago

All I can say is that its still a good achievement to have so many games ready at launch for the new consoles. Its no small feat and requires loads of logistics and planning, and still: You cant have 10 games that take full advantage of the new hardware with new engines at all at launch, just not possible.These things take years.Look at Nintendo and how they underestimated the time to make the change from blurry 512x512 textures to highdef.
Everything quadruples.Call of Dury needs to be put to rest, quite simply, I doubt that a series like that can survive the FIFA treatment.I hope they give AC a pause too, at Ubi, otherwise, falling sales numbers can not be prevented. People want new things and fresh faces.Unless they are a fan of General Hospital.