Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Review [GameRevolution]

"It sounds so easy, but designing an excellent Metroidvania game is a lot harder than it looks. In the end, that’s Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate’s biggest fault. It doesn’t think about you, it doesn’t try to evolve the now tried-and-true genre, and it doesn’t make any effort to introduce anything new about Batman’s Arkham universe. In fact, it kind of takes Metroidvania a step backwards."

~ Nick Tan, GameRevolution


Update: Correct author is Daniel Bischoff.

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ftwrthtx1810d ago

Pretty wide range of scores. I was really hoping for a solid PS Vita game, but it looks like this one misses the mark.

tubers1810d ago

HD Remaster PS360 downloadable release in 3..

dbjj120881810d ago

So like a Metroid ate Batman, and this came out?

ibrake4naps1810d ago

This game is awesome! Metroidvania is a good fit for his gadgets!