Check Out This Beautiful Battlefield 4 Watch, But it'll Set You Back About $300

J!INX, the producer of some great gaming-themed clothing and trinkets, has a really impressive new item out for sale–a Battlefield 4 watch that retails at $299.99.

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porkChop1833d ago

It's a nice watch, sure, but $300 is a rip off.

Crazyglues1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Rip Off - this thing is a dam crime, no seriously call the police because if you bought this, you just got robbed... LoL

Here I got BF4 fans a better one and saved you -$278 dollars - since this one is only 21.99 bucks... LoL

or this one-

||.........___||............ ||

SirBradders1832d ago

Bwut it dwidnt say bwattlefield :-(

porkChop1832d ago

Damn, that black and red watch is sexy.

grailly1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

is Switzerland the only country that considers 300$ to not be much for a watch? 300$ is for low-end to mid-range watches.

anyway, I wouldn't spend that money on a game-branded watch. It's a pretty watch though

sweendog1832d ago

Switzerland make shit hot watches though. In the U.K a switz watch will start at £300. Would rather have a good watch than this embarrassing piece of shit

sweendog1832d ago

12 Battlefield? Dont think ive played that one

swishersweets200311833d ago

300$ for that?!? better come with olav persons and patrick bachs lips on my ass.

swishersweets200311833d ago

what idiot actually disagreed.. please sir.. state who you are so i can laugh at you.

Soulscare1832d ago

I disagreed because its funny to watch you rage over something so small.

TheFamous1NE1833d ago

Apparently you guys have never heard of Meister watches.. this is actually a good watch and worth the price, but the BF4 theme is pretty cheesy.

swishersweets200311832d ago

r u serious.. a plastic watch with a band made out of the same shit that my seat belts i wear is not worth 300$.. you can go get a gold citizen watch for that much. this thing belongs next to the walmart watches that have mickey mouse on them.