Trophies and Acheivements Matter Even Less than They Did Before

CCC Says: "There's a time in your life when you just grow up. That doesn't mean you stop playing video games, of course, but it does mean that, suddenly, the quest to unlock absolutely everything becomes a little less appealing. Real life gets in the way. You suddenly realize you don't have to earn every little achievement. And, while there's much ado about the achievement and trophy systems of the PS4 and Xbox One, they don’t seem to muster as much excitement as the initial announcements of achievements and trophies did in the last generation."

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lazyboyblue1859d ago

I know a few who are obsessed with trophies,I'm one of them, and I find the opposite. It tends to be older gamers who chase them the most.

bungahead1859d ago

I will only chase trophies for the games I really enjoy, that hasn't been too many. It becomes a chore for me afterwards. Clever way to extend replay value.