Xbox One: Why the Hate?

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst writes: "Yup. It’s getting a bit out of hand. The Xbox One and Microsoft bashing is hitting an all-time high. Gifs like the one below (definitely influenced by the recent news of the MS exclusive Titanfall rumored to also be running at 720p) are becoming the norm, paralleling the news these days."

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black0o1811d ago

it's all on M$
1st they abandon the x360 like 3 years agO
2nd a very disappointing revel ''Tv..etc''
3rd they invested more into a camera a F#%$ camera which lead to xbone to get low spec

and the PR team at M$ is kinda a joke and they tend to get things worst most of the time

zeal0us1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

MS is a multi-billion dollar corporation I highly doubt the Kinect lead to the Xbox One getting lower specs. Not to mention it only takes 10% of system resources. If MS wanted to build a stronger system they definitely had the funds to do it. Why they didn't is a good of a question as any.
Why the hate?
- $499(higher in other countries)
- Kinect being force on users who more than like will leave it unplug/not use it.
- System is weaker than its main competitor
- To get the "full experience" XBLG is required
- Certain features that are free competing consoles are not free on XB1
- Lower resolution on popular titles
- Bad PR since May conference
- MS-NSA privacy scare

black0o1811d ago

u get it wrong, u see the kinect cost more 40% of the manufacturing cost which leads to price tag .. if u take kincet out of the PIC, x1 'd sell around 299-350$ which 'd given M$ more room to throw better GPU or CPU OR better/bigger RAM

but M$ went with weaker GPU/ram to keep the cost at minimum so they can add the kincet

bobsmith1811d ago

-doesnt come with rechargable controller or battery pack you have to buy it seperatley $25
-bigger than ps4 cant stand it vertically
-old headsets don't work on it ps4 does
-old racing wheels wont work ps4 does
-no free games with gold thats old 360 games theyre not gona give xbone games
-non removeable hard drive

Eonjay1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

The decision to enforce Kinect really puzzles me. The technology is interesting but it hasn't proven itself as a innovation despite being out for years. Was the failure of the original KInect a result of the camera not being powerful enough? Really? I don't think so.

When you look at the games that employ it its "fullest" potential, you wind up with horrible garbage like Fighter Within (we all shudder at the thought of anyone paying cash for this Frankenstein of a monstrosity). Therefore it is a gimmick.

There is 0% chance that it will defining gaming. Gamer's don't want to be transported into a game, they want the game to come to them. After all, life isn't an impression of a game, its the other way around. Now Microsoft has to ride this bad decision and somehow convince people that its WORTH paying more for a weaker product.

aceitman1811d ago

we should ask ms the same question y all the hate towards gamers , but then it backlashed and they weren't selling systems and then they did the 180's.
gamers made xbox grow and then ms left them in the dirt the last 3years .

PoSTedUP1811d ago

people arent just hating the X1, they are also hating MS. everyone should have to learn the hard way and it looks like MS are in the process of doing just that. for such huge mistakes they need to do a lot more to make up for it than what they seem to be doing. also get rid of their highly douchy and unlikable PR team that seems to just throw gasoline onto a burning xbox one. all they do is lie or spin, they really just need to stfu. as if MS havent been acting like a joke enough, they litterally just make it worse. MS went from a wolf in sheeps clothing to a wolf in a wolfs clothing and they have no one to blame but themselves.

this is just my speculation on other people, my hate doesnt count bc i always hated them and would never buy an xbox. there is a lot of hate comming from xbox gamers themselves, all it takes is one wrong turn to get completely lost.

Pintheshadows1811d ago

I'd give them more leeway if it weren't for the Windows 8 picture viewer.

Honestly though, I think the reasons are quite obvious at this point but when all is said and done, X1 owners will love their console and PS4 owners will love theirs.

And on both sides fanboys will still ruin perfectly legitimate discussions about both of them.

PoSTedUP1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

yeah i did state the obvious... its gonna be hard to find legitimate discussions involving MS when all of the hate from the community is so widespread. very few people want to have legitimate discussions, they just want to hate, but also MS is constantly giving people reasons to. there was one small time where good things started to happen for them but was followed by a wave of more negitive things... now its just a norm to hate on them. ps fanboys always have, but this is bigger than just the fanboys, this is a good percentage of the industry.

rainslacker1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I don't hate the X1. There are games on it I would like to play, and it seems like a decent enough machine overall with some good features.

But, MS had dredged up a lot of the old reasons why I've always disliked them. I have never really hated them before, and now I am angry at them for what they tried to do to the gamers in their own interest. I'm old enough to remember when MS was a hated company among most people, way before the internet was really even a thing. 180's or not, they made their ambitions clear as day to me and many others, and it isn't something that I care to support. MS is persistent, and they will try to achieve their goals in some way or another.

I have no problem with companies wanting to make the most money possible, but not when you have to screw over the consumer to do it.

MizTv1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

They lost me with the whole rrod fiasco
I just can't trust them

Deltaohio1811d ago

The kinect has absolutely nothing to do with why the X1 is as "weak" as it is. The only reason why Sony has a substantial leg up is because of the GDDR5 RAM. Which no one should forget that although Sony was going for a "primarily gaming" platform they were also going to only have 4 GB of RAM. they could only get 8 GB at the eleventh hour. MS chose DDR 3 cuz they wanted 8 GB. Since the beginning (before 8 GB of GDDR 5 was available) they put DDR 3 into their plans. They couldn't just change from DDR 3 to GDDR 5 without a major over haul.

Biggest1811d ago

What you just said makes absolutely NO sense. None.

Deltaohio1811d ago


Then I'll make it simple. When MS drew up the X1 they wanted 8 GB of ram. Well the only chunks of 8 GB of ram available was DDR3. So they chose DDR 3 early on. They had no choice of GDDR 5 at that time.

Sony wanted 4 GB of GDDR 5 when they planed the PS4. It wasn't until late last year that they were able to get 8 GB. why? Cuz no one made it yet. Sony got lucky.

solar1811d ago

because Sony does no wrong. ever.

rainslacker1811d ago

Of course they do things wrong. I'm a Sony fan and can admit that. However, the good things they do far outweigh the bad.

Pogmathoin1811d ago

When you use $ constantly people glance over your comment as nothing more than a fanboy rant.... But its allowed here...

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Majin-vegeta1811d ago

Too expensive for weak hardware.

DigitalRaptor1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

It's more like "Microsoft: Why the hate?". But that would be a stupid and naive question to ask, since it's nothing short of staring us in the face, and has been for years.

- 95% of the free features are hidden behind the Gold paywall regardless of if you were going to already pay for online or not.
- The Kinect is not optional to your console purchase, and it ensured that the console is noticeably underpowered and more expensive, by $100.
- The years upon years of planning anti-consumer measures to control your the way you purchased and owned your games.
- The lack of concern for global acumen.
- The dashboard was designed with advertisements in mind, and Microsoft execs plan to use the Kinect as a goldmine for advertising, despite the fact that you will be a paying subscriber to their service. They make money off you buying their games, they make money off you paying for XBL, but it's not enough without shoving NUads at you (even though you're a premium subscriber), to make money at your expense.
- No real showing of the cloud they keep going on about. Dedicated servers look to be the extent of it all.
- DRM is still in the console when it ships, and they've admitted to wanting to bring it back to fulfil their original vision.
- The MS execs are purposely lying and obfuscating the truth as a PR/marketing tactic and hoping its consumers are gullible enough to latch on to it. They're even trying to get discerning, hardcore gamers to believe their condescending bulls**t.
- Microsoft are more concerned about "broad entertainment play" than gaming, so much so, that they designed their console around that rather than gaming.

It's all Microsoft - but people will point the finger at anyone but the company they are loyal to support.

MRMagoo1231811d ago (Edited 1811d ago ) thats all i have to say on the matter of "journos" changing their tune about the power differences, when at the same time even on this day there is probably an article telling ppl to get a 360 version of something because it has an extra rock in it and 4p more lol

Pintheshadows1811d ago

We have put up with a whole generation of comparisons for multiplatform games which were always decided by the tiniest inconsequential difference. Be it sub HD on one hand or slightly better textures on the other these tiny differences made...a difference.

Now these things are far more significant (I expected 1080p last gen what with my 1080p TV and all) and the gap in quality is far wider, it no longer matters.

I don't know whaat to think at the moment. It makes me a bit depressed but at least people are beginning to say 'wait a minute, why doesn't this matter anymore? It did for the last 7 or 8 years.'

rapidturtle1811d ago

Forcing Kinect on the consumer is a big reason. I still see it as nothing more than a gimic. Then charge $100 more than Sony, and have a less powerful system? That's shooting yourself right in the foot. Goodbye Xbox, hello PS4 !!!!!!

solar1811d ago

i thought you console gamers only care about gameplay? what does a less powerful system have to do with gameplay?

Minecraft has sold almost 10 million copies and it looks worse then DOOM.

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