Blockbuster now honouring console pre-orders

Console Monster writes: "Blockbuster is now honouring pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The retailer fell into administration for the second time this year at the end of October, leaving gamers who had pre-ordered their next-generation consoles with no guarantee of receiving a console for launch.

While Blockbuster originally advised getting a refund, the pre-orders will now be honoured, it has been revealed."

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CODallday1811d ago

Every blockbuster around me has gone out of business.

Regis1811d ago

Not where I live i need to see if I can get one there.

Ketzicorn1811d ago

Not reccomended they are absolutely trash at offering refunds exchanges for faulty hardware I got my launch 360 from them and it was a nightmare

sigfredod1811d ago

wow, now that guy that get the refund has the money but no secure day one console

MRMagoo1231811d ago

In Australia we had one blockbuster down the road and no others for miles and miles , they closed down now tho , ppl just dont rent at shops much anymore, and more to the point who in the hell preoders consoles at video rental shops lol i would never ever think to even ask them if they are or not because its just silly.

spoonard1811d ago

How does this keep happening? Can Blockbuster please just go away for good??

BoriboyShoGUN1811d ago

Shit this might be the best spot to try and get a release day console. No one us expecting them to have any. I know a lot of people that got the original xbox at Blockbuster. Probably just walk right in no line or nothing.