Why Sony’s PS4 Means Big Things for Women and Minorities

With the launch of the PS4 right around the corner, we look at how and why Sony's new console is going to level the playing field for women and minorities.

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pwnsause_returns1897d ago ShowReplies(1)
Sitdown1897d ago

I honestly tried to read the article, but just could not do it. Next up, PlayStation 4 saves Jesus..... yes folks, it will actually save Jesus.

Abriael1897d ago

Pretty obvious attempt to bank on the playstation hype to push topics that have really nothing to do with the console.

Jaqen_Hghar1897d ago

A man sees his point. It's black and its controller has handles that are the same shape as female sex toys.

UltimateMaster1897d ago

And here I tough kinect was for women only.

pwnsause_returns1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

well, better than the "PS3 causes cancer" articles from launch....or was it "PS3 causes Pollution"? If someone knows what Im talking about and can find those crazy articles, post it for laughs...

EDIT: that was actually a positive article about folding at home. there was one at launch that put it in a crazy negative light.

I_am_Batman1897d ago

@Sitdown: The comment section of the article you posted is quite amusing.

Blackdeath_6631897d ago

her name is Jasmine Henry apparently. so she is probably the same person as jasmino924 who posted this. our only hope is just to down vote the source website or kindly ask that she no longer posts flame bait article based on random statistics that add absolutely nothing of value.

nukeitall1897d ago

I actually think this article is a good thing. Diversity is good, and the topic should be highlighted.

The only gripes are practically the entire article could have said the same about Xbox One and the article is poorly written with a hype tone that is unnecessary.

In short, this type of relevant content is better than 90% of the amateur blogs fueling the console war.

DragonKnight1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I had to stop reading at this part here...

"Of all of the games released in 2012, only three featured notable female protagonists.
Only one LGBT character was featured in PS3 and Xbox 360 games in 2012."

I read the first part of the story that said "we’d like games that represent all of the faces we see in real life, because sometimes those less seen faces belong to us" and immediately thought A) The author doesn't have the authority to say what anyone wants games to represent but themselves and B) This article is clearly about what the author wants and feels is the way the direction gaming should be headed.

But that second part that I originally quoted is where I stopped. I can smell a political agenda push a mile away and I'm really tired of people trying to turn games into a platform for social change.

These people choose to ignore a lot, and make a big deal out of things that aren't a big deal. Why does sexual orientation in a video game matter? Are we playing games where sex is a real option every day?

These people choose to ignore how each character fits into a story in any particular game. Would the story work with this kind of person, or that kind of person? Would people believe it enough to buy it, or would they look at it and pass on it? It's easy to say "throw the stats sheets away and change games to suit my own personal wants" but games that don't make money put the development studio at risk of shutting down and then NO ONE will be around to take risks.

There are plenty of games with strong female characters, and sexual orientation in a video game is completely irrelevant. Ignoring those things and then trying to create an issue about it is wrong, and just annoys the hell out of me.

brighthand1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

@DragonKnight I was going to post something similar to what you just posted but you beat me to it. I am not white, and yet I am thoroughly annoyed with these random politically-correct people entering into any social crevice they can and introducing their cold, academically synthesized, new-aged, social models that always ruin the organic form -and the SOUL- of whatever medium they choose to latch on to and suck the life out of.

Social Engineering is one of the most moronic concepts that I have ever encountered. Rather than providing whatever opportunities and allowing whoever wants them to naturally gravitate towards them, certain organizations see fit to inject their poison into the entity and break it down until it becomes a shell of its former glorious self; all in an effort to BRING the opportunities TO the person -as if the person has no legs and free will to head over their themselves.

I hate that word "minority", because to me it does note connote or even DENOTE a person who is not in the majority; instead, it means "a whiney social contingency that politicians (and the rest of society) must bow down to and draft special policies for, in order to achieve some form of expediency - or to conform to the newly-proliferated post-modernist 'Diversity'(tm) model seen everywhere in the world." by this - more accurate - definition of the word, I am NOT a minority. I have no problems playing games the majority of whom feature mainly white male protagonists. why? because the majority of people MAKING those blasted games that I love, are (!!) white males! IF you want a video game with a black male, or a Vietnamese female, or a rainbow colored panda with a proclivity towards homosexual behavior, then get yourself a degree in Computer Science and go make your own bloody game that features any of the above mentioned protagonists! but no, you are a "minority" and therefore someone somewhere OWES you something, so you are here to collect. You don't have to expend the energy getting into the industry and making your own direct impact, as our society has made provisions for you -oh great minority - that facilitate your whining.

Wow I went on a rant; it took this article to finally bring it out of me.

DragonKnight1896d ago

@brighthand: +Bubbles for Well Said. I'd also like to add that for these people, it's far easier to whine about what you want to happen, than to actually make it happen yourself.

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KillrateOmega1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Jesus saves everybody, but who saves Jesus?

PS4, that's who.

ravinash1897d ago

Jesus died for our sins… playstation 4 saves jesus…awkward!

sweendog1896d ago

PS4 means big things for my wife, 24 inches! Yes i have bought her a new T.V for the bedroom so she can leave me the fuck alone with my new sleek black beauty!

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_QQ_1897d ago

LMAO, ty i needed a good laugh today.

CustardTrout1897d ago

"We’re going to have some critique on site soon as to whether or not games with ‘choose your own protagonist’ systems equal inclusiveness but for now, it’s undoubtedly a move in the right direction."

For being dumb arses.

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