First Side by Side Picture of PS4 and Xbox One Game Cases Shows they Are the Same Size

With all the talk about the differences between Xbox One and PS4, let's talk about something that is apparently the same for both consoles: the size of the game cases.

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jc485731834d ago

xboxone case looks wider

Abriael1834d ago

It's just the perspective. Look at the grating under them.

Hydrolex1834d ago

yes 6 unit under each one,

HammadTheBeast1834d ago

In my opinion, both look nice.

I am happy that the PS4 ones aren't reminiscent of the early PS3 ones.

Gamer19821834d ago

Its the resolution PS4 obviously has higher resolution on the boxes too making them look smaller. *end sarcasm*

NukaCola1834d ago

Why doesn't the xbone cases say Only on Xbox any more? Was there some mass effect that changed that?

UltimateMaster1834d ago

Xbox One case is shorter in height than the Xbox 360 was.

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rajman1834d ago

"Perspective can throw you off on the cases’ width, as it makes the PS4 case look slightly smaller, but if you look at the grating under them it’s indeed evident that the size is identical"

ZBlacktt1834d ago

You must be thinking about the consoles.

Lboogieskells1834d ago

Does it really matter? It's a just case lol

ZBlacktt1834d ago

Over your head it went.

maxcoronel1834d ago

Maybe XBONE case is "upscaled"...

_FantasmA_1834d ago

Actually the PS4 case is being support by a metal grate. The EcksBocks game case is just floating on a cloud. Cloudpowa!

andrewsqual1834d ago

And if you have half a brain cell you would have known this already since the box ratio/sizes were revealed since E3. They are the same size as PS3 boxes too for those who are still blind to this.
The PS4 Label simply goes all the way to the top of the box now rather than stopping before coming to the top. Xbox One's design is actually closer to PS3s.
I can't believe this is actually news to Dualshockers and a lot of people here.


Just one more thing Microsoft copies from Sony. Hahaha

Mister_Dawg1834d ago

This ones small.

But that one is far away.

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Evil_Abed1834d ago

It's official, we are nerds!

TedCruzsTaint1834d ago

I always think this when I see such articles.
We are now blowing loads over cases. :p

aquamala1834d ago

you have to blind to not see the difference between these 2 cases, this site is obviously paid for by M$ for downplaying it

Felonycarclub81834d ago

Lmfao I don't know why I can't stop laughing at your comment, I really need some sleep

XboxFun1834d ago

Definitely! Time to ban duelshockers!

FlameHawk1834d ago

The PS4 and PS3 cases are the same size so it means the Xbox One cases are smaller.

Abriael1834d ago

i'm not exactly sure how you got there, since no one compared PS3 cases to Xbox One cases.

KwietStorm1834d ago

*Xbox One cases are smaller than Xbox 360 cases, is what he meant.

Pintheshadows1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

The X1 case definitely has a lower resolution.

Also, notice how the lighting is a lot subtler on the PS4 case. The X1 case has very harsh lighting making it difficult to discern detail at a distance.

Naga1834d ago

I'm sure they'll iron those details out with a day one patch.

Pintheshadows1834d ago

I hope so, otherwise the gap between the two, which may look minimal in the picture, will only grow.

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