Call of Duty Ghosts: The Start of the Decline?

Call of Duty Ghosts has been released, and it seems hype is not where it should be for a COD title. Mush from Duskbit has a chance to dabble in the game, and has talked to several other gamers about Call of Duty: Ghosts, and excitement seems at an all time low for the latest entry. Whether it’s from consumers saving up for the next generation of consoles, or this entry in the series moving away from the “Modern Warfare” tagline is unknown.

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ATiElite1860d ago

Lets face it!

Call of Duty crossed over to become a CASUALS love affair leaving very little for the CORE Gamer.

every year the game was rushed out to please the masses but with CORE gamers growing tired of COpy n Paste Development and Casuals looking for the NExt Big thing COD eventually like ALL empires has to Fall.

So Activision PLEASE fix COD cause I don't want these gamers ruining BF4. LOL

I think COD juts needs a short hiatus and a chance for Devs to create something new and fresh for the series.

......and to be fair COD is gonna have to add vehicles.

GraveLord1860d ago

Why do you type like that? You sound arrogant and immature.

Anyway, the magic of COD is that it appeals to everyone. Casual or Core.

OT: COD has been in decline ever since Black Ops 2. It's a slow decline though. Those of you hoping for COD to "take a break" or just die are delusional. COD is still king in the FPS genre and it will be for many many more years. This has nothing to do with whether you like the games or not.

SIRHC131860d ago


What a bland, soulless, uninspired game.

THEDON82z11860d ago

Please just die so I don't have to deal with those ridiculous commercials!!


been saying this for quite some time now. the hype around the game before release just wasnt the same. im glad next gen is here so close to its release because so many people who buy next-gen are shifting focus. it also breaks up the sales between 4 platforms, which will most likely negatively affect sales numbers.

its about time this trash game gets taken down a few notches. COD aint settin' any records this time.

OrangePowerz1860d ago

The lack of hype was activisions fault, they didn`t show much before release compared to previous games.

Maybe it would work better more as a service focusing only on the multiplayer.

Ares84HU1860d ago

Yeah, I don't think it was advertised as much as previous installments. Maybe they are waiting for the next one?? Don't know.

310dodo1860d ago

haha all these haters

COD Ghost has been great.
Havent touched SP but MP is been pretty fun.
Never gonna win GOTY again but its incredibly fun.

isnt that what games should be?
hipsters gonna hate

OrangePowerz1860d ago

The MP videos don`t look bad. I certainly going to check out the game once the next gen consoles come out.

I usually kind of enjoy the CoD singleplayer campaigns for what they are. The same reason why I enjoy some of the Michael Bay movies, because they are mindless explosive fun action.

310dodo1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

To be honest I hope this doesnt discourage you from Ghost, but I think the MP is slower and "toned down". Kinda Battlefield/COD

I am truly having a great time with it.
Feels like a "true" sequel to COD 4 (MP wise)

plus $10 to upgrade on the 15th isn't bad either.

kopp3rbug1859d ago

its not about hating....its about getting a game well worth its price tag....many people,just like you, havent touched the campaign. ... to me its straight up taking advantage of consumers by making a four hour campaign, they could just release a multi player map pack and sell it for $29.99 and call it a day. gamers need to demand more out of them and start realizing they just paid 65 bucks for a map pack. activision should release a map pack dlc and even a disc version of the maps for $30 and a separate dlc for the campaign for another $30...this will give gamers options....i bet the maps would outsell the campaign 3:1 if not more.

310dodo1859d ago

Honestly after trade ins of old games and my employ discount I paid $26 for Ghost today. So when Ps4 drops ill spend another $10 for upgrade (thats pretty dope I think)

Of course I agree that they could sell COD for $30 and theyd make a great living still, but obviously they can sell a $30 item for $66 and people eat it up.

Its hard to get upset with smart business. IMO of course

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