Brr-illiant - Metal Gear Solid and Skyrim as Winter Games

Mike writes, "Let’s get something straight; I love winter. I love it in real life, and I love it in my video games. World 6 of Super Mario Bros. 3, that snowmobile level in Modern Warfare 2, snowboarding in Final Fantasy VII, it’s all good."

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capitanandi1897d ago

I always love snow stages in games; there's something so serene about them.

pivotplease1897d ago

Love it in games, but I can't agree with this guy on real-life winter. Have had way too many life threatening situations due to winter driving. Hell, even walking and slipping on a patch of black ice hurts a lot since you pretty much always land on your tailbone. Either he's not Canadian or he's had way better luck than me lol. It gets crazy up here sometimes...there are days when I just avoid going outside.

MikeEaton1897d ago

I'll admit that after the first couple of weeks it can be a grind, but there's something magical about the first snowfall or being cozy while it's blizzarding outside.

By the way, I live in Edmonton so my winter cred is secure. :) Thanks for reading!

pivotplease1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Yeah, it's kind of like taking shelter during the rain. Definitely makes me happy.

Oh, and that's solid cred lol. I'm chilling in northern Ontario (pun intended as the snow is getting intense now).