Minimum of 25 Unreserved PS4s Per Store at Best Buy & Future Shop in Canada on November 15th

Good news, everyone in Canada who doesn’t have a PS4 pre-order! - PSLS

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IRON883 1809d ago

Man happy hunting guys I pre ordered my ps4 I first day I got the email from gamestop be safe and see you guys on killzone :)

DarKnightDave1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I pre ordered mine the day after it was annanounced at E3 2013. Was the 1st to pre order at my local gamestop lol.

ftwrthtx1809d ago

Better start lining up early

BattleAxe1809d ago

While you're doing that in the cold rain (in Vancouver at least), I'll be playing games on Steam. Yep, enlightenment feels so good!

spicelicka1809d ago

great for you but will you be playing ps4 games on steam? No? ok then.......................... ............................... ................

Thatguy-3101809d ago

Get your brass knuckles, bats and armor ready.... Wait this is Canada lol Nvm. I got my pre order coming on Friday but I would love to see the show for the midnight events. Better safe than sorry especially how chaotic people can get.

DarkBlood1809d ago

it'll be like mortal kombat armegeddon except i dont think it gets that crazy here in canada either lol oh well

prepare to freeze and rip spines out :P

Thehyph1809d ago

I think my plan is to head to ebgames after work next Friday. I will pick up my ps4/games, then I will proceed to get on public transit and go home.
On said public transit, I will be fumbling with this phone to post on n4g because of:
A) excitement, and
B) my fingers will be ****ing freezing

spicelicka1808d ago

the only thing you'll need to fight is the cold

LakerGamerEnthusiast1809d ago

This is great news for Canadians..

However, would be lovely if the US had a similar plan. I have a couple friends that want it but pre orders are sold out.

Bring this to the USA Sony !

Sevir1809d ago

Only 25 lucky Canadians per store will get to walk in without a preorder? Good luck...
I knew ahead that money would be tight around November with me getting out of the Navy and all. So I preordered and Paid it off over a 2 month period! I'm simply gonna grab my number at 6p on November 14th at Gamestop in Santee Ca, watch the live stream event at 8p of #PS4ALLACCESS and pick up my share of Greatness when the clock strikes midnight here on the west coast!

JessiePinkmanYo1809d ago

Sevir-I'm just north of you up in Oceanside. I'll be at Walmart getting mine. That said-25 extra consoles per store? Oh man...I can see the stampedes and headlines all over the next day. Somehow the media will spin it to how video games are at fault. I've seen rumbles at Walmart on Black Friday for a shitty waffle maker.

Sevir1809d ago

Just imagine the fervor of rabid early adopter PS fans and fanbois alike on midnight 15 Nov! its going to be an all out brawl If you haven't preordered!

Haha. youre in OS? I lived up there but not more than 6 months! I lived on Camp Pendleton and Then I moved to SD after that! Good luck, add me on PSN maybe we can get into some EPIC MP on Shadow Fall on Launch morning...


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