Disappointing Call of Duty: Ghosts and incoming refund from Steam

"It is a Real Headshot for the Call of Duty community. Most fans of the CoD series have low or medium spec PCs or consoles and this gives a huge disappointment for PC gamers."

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decrypt1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

COD after MW1 has always been a disappointment for PC gamers. Its the console community that has constantly supported a reskinned game year on year for the past half a decade and yet they dont seem to get tired of it lol.

Hatsune-Miku1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Another reason why a dedicated video game machine (game console) is the best platform for gaming. Over 70 percent of games ive purchased had some problem to play them on pc.

Master race mi rass. Master of disgrace

I cant wait for ps4

allgamespc20121860d ago

haha dumb comment, what can you expect from a one bubble person. You do know they use ghost ram, if u have less than 6 it wont launch, yet the game doesnt use more than 2, pirates have already created a patch for this issue and the game is just pure horseshit, so enjoy your ps4, it wont look any better.

Are_The_MaDNess1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

actually, it will look worse on the PS4, did you see the bad AA they had on there? geez its like its 2009 again with no FXAA or TXAA.....

hmmm what servers? there is none.
in a FPS game in 2013 and no servers....... and they make billions from these games....
sad to see

ONESHOTV21860d ago

hatsune miku write some thing better than that man my people are not that stupid lol

MethCupcakes1860d ago

“Master race mi rass. Master of disgrace” LOL, I don’t think many will laugh at that..

Hydrolex1860d ago

my game crashes a lot, disconnection from servers, laggy !

I enjoy the game tho

Allsystemgamer1860d ago

So you're saying because console only players routinely get shafted out of money it's better? How does that make ANY sense...COD started on PC. Be grateful they decided to change to compliment to you little kids. PCs are also dedicated gaming machines if they're built that way. But wait. No. They're everything machines where gaming has peak performance over your dedicated machines.

JasonKCK1860d ago

Sorry Hatsune-Miku but a PC can be tweaked to run any game. You can't do that on console.

DragonKnight1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Lol, this is hilarious. Every comment I've seen in this particular section from PC fanboys sounds like major butthurt. Here's a game that's running a decade old engine, and it can't run on PCs well without a hassle it seems, and rather than the PC elitist fanboys shrugging it off because they "didn't want the game anyway," they insult consoles and talk about what the game doesn't have on PC.

I thought Call of Duty was beneath you people? Absolute hilarity.

And the real kicker is that PC elitists are so ingrained in graphics, such graphic whores beyond reproach, that they even complain about the graphics of a series of games that's not even known for having good graphics to begin with. Classic.

@Allsystemgamer: What Hatsune-Miku is saying is that console gamers don't have to do anything to play CoD Ghosts. There is nothing to research, install, delete, modify, or patch to pop the game in and play it. And console gamers aren't getting shafted out of money, idiots get shafted out of money.

"COD started on PC. Be grateful they decided to change to compliment to you little kids."

There's the butthurt. CoD moved to consoles because it was a better option for the series. Console gamers buy more games than PC gamers, they also complain far less over small non-issues. You should be lucky that you even get games anymore what with the immeasurable entitlement B.S. that comes from so many of the PC elitist trolls. Not all PC gamers are like that mind you, some will just game on their PCs and not lord it over everyone, but they're as rare as common sense these days.

@JasonKCK: That's because you don't have to tweak anything to run games on consoles. They work as soon as you put them in and turn them on. The fact that PCs are struggling to even run a sh*tty game like Call of Duty is pathetic. It's completely the fault of the developers of course, but it's still pathetic that the almighty PC can't just run a Call of Duty game but 5 consoles can.

RVanner_1859d ago

@ Hatsune-Miku
You clearly don't know how to use a PC ...

STEWIE_PLAY_PS41859d ago

Well but PC powerful suck!. PC is worst lot of issue than console lol.
BTW UC3, GOW3, GTAV, Last of us and much my game bye someone don't talk to me I not listen do I have PC power alright PC suck.

Gamer19821859d ago

Yeah you cant get a refund for the console version after you realise its garbage and you wasted your money.

Athonline1859d ago

All software aimed at an open-market systems and not specific embedded devices, like consoles will have issues depending on hardware configurations. Most of the times a bit of OS-tuning or drivers update solves the issues.
Two examples?
Android; even among high-end flagship models, you don't get the same experience on apps.
Web-apps: They run on the cloud, with a browser just accessing them. Every bloody browser renders stuff differently, forcing web-devs to write code for each browser.

Now whenever a console is a better platform or not, this is called OPINION. For some people it is, for some people it is not.
Personally I love my consoles, but I prefer most FPS on PCs and sometimes RPGs with mod support, but then I use either my PS3 or XBox controller.

As for COD: Ghost: The game itself states that users need 6GBs. It is poor optimisation and overstating, as it never peaks more than 3GBs; but devs are "covered" as they pre-state this requirement. Both the users who bought this and the devs should take the blame...

My biggest complain about the PC version: Extinction-mode UI is a cheap port from the 360 version...

Belking1859d ago

Then you must of had a pc for

UltimateMaster1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

I find it hard to believe they couldn't make a game for low to mid range PCs when they still made the game for Xbox 360.

Call of Duty's fault for giving PC people the cold shoulder. In their minds it's upgrade your PC or get lost.

KontryBoy7061859d ago

I guess @Hatsune-Miku didn't read the SEVERAL articles that state this dumb game runs poorly on BOTH consoles. Yet he can't wait

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Ares84HU1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

That's why you PC guys keep playing Counter-Strike????

Just saying.....

Are_The_MaDNess1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

yeah we do, and Dota 2 :D

but this game of this much money behind it is just not up to standard.

watch the TB vid to see what i mean. its just unacceptable in this day and age.

problem one, the game is unstable as hell.

problem two, its has low performance when the game are suppose to be about 60FPS, when dual Titants dont do the job they really F*cked up.

problem tre, huge install of 50GB when the Textures are sub-par many other games that have higher rez textures.

there is many other problems ATM, but there is too many to bother.

agree, i dont care if the game is the same aslong its stable.
they have loads of new changes from CS 1.6 to CSGO.
its still the same maps but the weapons handle alittle different and hitboxes are different.

CS is a remake of an old mod, CSS is a remake of CS 1.6 and CSGO is a remake/ merge between CSS and CS 1.6.
its the same game really. and they dont have to change anything since its perfect.....almost.

heck Dota 2 is a remake of a Warcraft 3 mod.... still having a blast with it! :D

Edit 2:
sad to see alot of the FPS problems are with the DOF......
when you take a Dual SLI titan from 70-80FPS down to less than 50 because they messed up the DOF there is something wrong.....

allgamespc20121860d ago

we take CS over COD ANY time, so yes, dont worry. we are not affected by COD not working on our PCs when we take cs go and battlefield 4, the far superior games in every aspect.

You see, the pc crowd knew about cods demise a while ago, thus th ereason it wont pass 15k concurrent players anymore on steam, unlike 3 years ago which was the most played game on steam. Think COD is gonna beat bf4 in numbers this year? think again, and think real hard.

Xristo1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Are you implying that CS is a yearly re-skin that PC gamers ignore to acknowledge? Apples and Oranges...

1: The game has been "remade" three times. Never claiming to be different. PC players know this going into it. (CS, CS:Source, CS:GO)

2: CS is a benchmark (like Quake) for FPS competitive gaming, so of course PC players still play it.

3: CS is as locked down (almost perfect) as a game could ever be when it comes to stability.

@Ares84HU below:

Ahhh...i interpreted your comment wrong. My fault..

Ares84HU1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

So what you guys are saying is that they really screwed up Ghosts on PC??

No wonder. Imagine they had to release it for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC and WiiU.

It should have taken way more time to fix all the problems each individual system presents.

I'm not defending them, don't get me wrong. They should have hired more help with all the money they made on previous games.

But the truth is, CoD is a fun game. It has fun gameplay and that is what counts. Look at WoW on PC, it looks like ass yet people still play it by the millions and shell money out anytime they bring out a new add-on pack.


No that is not what I'm implying. decrypt made it sound like graphics are all important on PC and something like CoD is crap to PC gamers because it doesn't advance in graphics through each new release (which is not true by the way, compare CoD4 to CoDBO2 and you'll see)
Oh and, how many years have been CS been around?? WWWWWAAAAAYYYYY longer than CoD yet you PC guys are still not tired of it.

That's what I'm saying.

Allsystemgamer1860d ago

Counter strike may be updated versions of their previous ones but they don't charge 59.99 for it. It's like $15 and not advertised as a new experience but building and updated the classic game to a more modern version.

COD advertises itself as completely new and charges $60 for a glorified map pack and never works right on PC DESPITE the new consoles being based off of PC architecture.

That is called lazy development.

JasonKCK1860d ago

What the hell is wrong with CS? CS has a gazillion mods and maps to choose from and there are always people playing it.

DragonKnight1860d ago

@JasonKCK: You don't see the hypocrisy in claiming that a brand new game doesn't "live up to standards" on the PC thanks to its 10 year old engine and yet at the same time applauding a game much older than CoD that definitely hasn't had a core change in a much longer time, that doesn't hold up to "today's standards" in terms of visuals, but that you only consider to be better due to stability, presence of gamers, and mods?

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OrangePowerz1860d ago

I probably get lots of disagrees for that but if you played all the CoD games in multiplayer you would know it`s not just reskinned.

The basic gameplay stays the same but they play quite differently.

Besides of that EA screwed up the PC version of BF as well and that thing is supposed to be a PC game first and foremost.

Ares84HU1860d ago

You are right on the money!

Just the other day I played MW3 with a friend and it's so much slower paced than BO2 for example. But there are other differences as well.

allgamespc20121860d ago

except bf4 is playable and they actually fixed what was wrong with bf3, such as commander mode and other things. so just because a few glitches are happening on bf4 it is nowhere near the low quality that COD is, which is totally not deserving of the next gen title in any way shape or form.

Are_The_MaDNess1860d ago

well there is also the huge pile of money behind the game we judge aswell.
a game with so much backing it and so many people that buy the game. it standards are frankly not cutting it anymore.
you cant just pushing a 60USD game (on PC aswell for the matter) every year without hitting atleast a quality bar of some sort.
DICE succeed in this. IW dont.

HammadTheBeast1859d ago

To be honest, it's gotten progressively worse since MW2.

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GraveLord1860d ago

Does that make you mad? You sound butthurt lol

As for the "refund". Stop being whiners. Do your research before buying a game. If the game is having performance issues, wait for a patch/driver updates.

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GentlemenRUs1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

It should have had a DEMO, These people would not have fallen into the TRAP otherwise.

Alduin1860d ago

What a terribly written article. And if you purchase a game that requires 6GB of ram knowing that your PC doesn't have it, you're just an idiot.

Are_The_MaDNess1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

actually its never using 6GB of ram, not even close to it. the devs messed up something with the Engine i guess.


13 years now since the initial release in 02.12.1999.

OrangePowerz1860d ago

It still says in the requirements minimum of 6GB. If people with less RAM buy the game it`s frankly their own fault for not reading.

GentlemenRUs1860d ago

It's what happens when you keep piling on features into a 12(?)-year-old engine.

allgamespc20121860d ago

ya thats true. thing is, news of this spread out before the games official release that it didnt use 6gb, but only 2. dumbasses wne ahead and bought it not knowing how to bypass, if you could even. Pirtaes firgured it out, but yes, if you read 6gb min i dont see why you would buy it having 4. they are to blame for that and should not be asking for refunds.

sovietsoldier1860d ago

told ya's to buy battlefield!

thehitman1860d ago

Wait... so not everyone on PC can do 1080p @ 60fps ultra settings. I call BS! /s

This just shows how the entire 1080p @ 60fps thing has been taken way too far as being the standard. Many people cant even handle CoD. 6gb of ram should be like standard in any PC let alone a PC you are going to game on. My gaming laptop has 8gb of ram if people can afford a 60 dollar PC game they can go to best buy or w/e store online and order a 4gb memory stick to upgrade for like 20 bucks.

Now im not going to say that IW hard coding the requirements to 6gb is really good...but the biggest achilles heel of PC gaming is that everyone is on such a low standard of specs, it's holds down the rest of the community. You have horribly optimized games because they have to cater to such a wide hardware spec range and then you have the people on those low end machines ruining the experiences for the people on a good machine by lagging the game up or being a detriment to the team if they are playing a team based game. I kind of wished all PC devs set a bar like what IW did to force people to either have a decent rig or choose something else but ofc nobody really does that because money is more important then having the best quality game and experience.

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