Wind Waker HD: Remade Masterpiece (Pixcelation)

What can [we] say about this game? Well, it just filled [us] with nostalgia. Considering this was actually the first Legend of Zelda game that [we] played when [we were kids] and also the game that got [us] to love the Legend of Zelda franchise, this game was a blast for [us]. Even though in the past the game didn’t meet the expectations of other Zelda fans because the game looked to cartoonish, this game is still fun to play and full of memorable characters.

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Moonman1860d ago

Nintendo showed em' how to do an HD remaster. I want to see a Super Mario 64 remaster.

link2Dpast1860d ago

This game was simply stunning for its time when it first game out. What Nintendo did with this game should put alot of so called "Hd remakes" to shame, once I started I couldn't belive I was playing a game from years ago, the quality and graphics remind me of a Saturday morning cartoon all I'm missing is the bowl of cereal and this game is perfection when it come to HD remakes.