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Super Mario Bros. can’t be overpraised when it comes to influence and nostalgia, but how does it hold up as a game? Nintendo Enthusiast's Giancarlo Bellotto dives into the topic.

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Moonman1807d ago

It's a 10. It really can't even have a score for what it did for gaming.

mandf1807d ago

Unless you grew up with the industry, You can't review an old game like that compared to todays games. That game opened up everything for this industry. All gamers owe a debt of gratitude towards that game. It was evolutionary and revolutionary.

Anyone that started before NES knows what this game brought to video games. It's not the best game ever made but it shaped the very industry we love.

Dante811806d ago

Exactly, it's an icon. Give it any score you want, it won't change anything.

kirbyu1806d ago

Does this game even need to be reviewed?

Yep1806d ago

Just part of a series we're doing. Looking back on old favorites.

Dante811806d ago

I'm playing the Japanese sequel right now. My god, I only have so much hair that I can pull out!