Here’s How an Xbox One Dev Unit Looks When Booting Up; It Takes 27 Seconds

If you want to see how an Xbox One dev unit looks while booting up cold, a very interesting video shows exactly that.

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ZodTheRipper1905d ago

My PS3 is faster than this ...hopefully the PS4 doesn't take that long.

Abriael1905d ago

Remember, it's a dev unit. We don't know what kind of diagnostics it has to boot.

ZodTheRipper1905d ago

You're right of course but I still was surprised's supposed to be "next gen" hardware after all.

2cents1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Everything is news these days.

It is next gen hardware.

0ut1awed1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Yea, for example the PS4 Demo Booth (which is also running a custom OS that consumer PS4s won't have) takes about the same amount of time to load up....

The loading you see "*/92" actually happens every time you exit a game and go back to the dash too.

r1sh121904d ago

Its probably booting a different version of the OS in debug mode too.
Imagine starting windows in safe mode with networking, it runs through all the drivers and dll files first.

Similar thing I reckon.
Prob has to SHA-MD5 checksum some parts too.

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TearsOfARapper1905d ago

They've already said the console will turn on faster than your TV can.

Abriael1905d ago

From stand by. This is a cold boot. Entirely different process.

TearsOfARapper1905d ago

Right, but how many people are really going to have it off standby? My PS3 has been on standby for like 3 years now hahah.

OrangePowerz1905d ago

Well some people unplug devices when they are out of the house to save energy.

1905d ago
HugoDrax1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I highly doubt the retail console takes that long. We saw from the commercial that is was 3-4 seconds before the dashboard booted up.


"That could have been from standby though."

That's a good point! I guess we will see soon enough, 15 days and counting.

jackanderson19851905d ago

That could have been from standby though. I doubt it'll be as long as 27 seconds but might be more than 4

boneso821904d ago

10 days and counting... Oh, wait...

1905d ago
Belking1904d ago

ps3 isnt loading as much either. This is the result of it not always being connect now.

Dlacy13g1904d ago

One thing to keep in mind is that the Xbox One isn't designed to be powered off and on. It's designed to run in standby all the time. What does the boot up from standby look like? That is what interests me.

fossilfern1904d ago

The influx of narrow minded fanboys (both sides) has gotten larger on this site. People seem to lack the ability to think or see reason!

1OddWorld1904d ago

27 seconds.

What are they trying to do burn the XBOne logo into our brains.

SITH1904d ago

Man! You fools are seriously fishing. It is DEV unit for F sakes!

4lc4pon31904d ago

27 seconds is not that long. Plus they stated that the Xbox one will boot up in seconds since it never shuts down its always in standby

Deltaohio1904d ago

1. This is a dev kit
2. This seems like a cold boot. Both the X1 and PS4 are supposed to stay in a "sleep" state which allows both to "boot" faster then a cold boot.

SnotyTheRocket1904d ago

27 Seconds too long. Not buying Next Gen Consoles. Nope. too long bruv.

Magicite1904d ago

Almost any PC with decent SSD and win7/8 boots faster.

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Niv1905d ago

Wow, so it is faster than my TV.

Abriael1905d ago

The "faster than TV" statement was from stand-by. Not a cold boot from off.

LogicStomper1905d ago

Haha, what sort of tv have you got????


1OddWorld1904d ago

@LogicStomper - Old "Cathode Ray Tube" would be my guess.

If you have a tv as slow as Niv you should not concern yourself with next gen consoles you have a bigger problem than 720p gaming.

MasterCornholio1905d ago

Maybe your CRT TV but I can guarantee you that a modern flat screen is much faster than this.

But then again its a developer kit so it isn't an issue.

Nexus 7 2013

HaveAsandwich1905d ago

easy guys. fight the urge.

2cents1905d ago

Could I get a BLT?


MasterCornholio1905d ago

Black Large Tits?


Nexus 7 2013

Stick891905d ago

Bacon Lettuce & Tomato

HaveAsandwich1904d ago

<waitermode>absolutely sir, and your drink? i recommend our fresh squeezed lemonade....

hello121905d ago

Its a Dev kit from what month and day exactly? And without patches too. If this was a retail XB1 leaked footage. Id be worried.

Abriael1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

The video has been taken at London's Area One event last week.

And no, there's nothing to worry about. Mind you, I wouldn't be worried even if it took 27 second to boot for retail units. I can definitely afford 27 seconds of my life for gaming, once in a while.

Convas1905d ago

Apparently this build is from August if NeoGAF has it's facts straight.

n4gamingm1905d ago

dev kit, pointless to post

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