GTA Online Glitch Compendium (as of 1.05)

As of todays title update, there are still loads if glitches in GTA Online that were not fixed. We have compiled a list so that you don't have to look too far! You can still make $10 million an hour, store any vehicle in your garage, and insure things like tanks and firetrucks. We've also included a glitch that allows you inside of the bank vault that we suspect will be used for heists!

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ZBlacktt1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

There is SUCH a more faster way then this..... Sultan RS modded out is $108,000. Can be sold with no issue in online. Go in to sell car, the very second you see sold, switch characters. You keep the cash and keep the car. If you save at last point, you will re-spawn next to shop. Just keep driving car in and repeat over and over and over. It takes about 35 seconds each time and that's only because of the loading times.... yeah.

OhhWerd1897d ago

hook a brother up with that car? ;)