Mega textures push Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC to 50GB

Nvidia has in recent months made a song and dance about playing PC games at 4K resolution, and one of the titles it's name-checked as part of this effort is Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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for we are many1860d ago

Meh, whats with the obsession with "graphics" "textures" "resolution" and everyone becoming a Graphics [email protected]/market analyst !!?
I am playing CoD Ghosts now on my pc on highest settings and it's the same old $h!+
You tend to notice textures and all this graphics jargon for few minutes when you watch a trailer or play the game for 1st time, and then the only thing that persistently matters and keep one playing is, guess what?! Gameplay, control and fun factor as it has ever been. 50 gigs!! what a waste of digital space.

Irishguy951858d ago

It's nice to have enticing gameplay and nice graphics. obviously graphics are nothing on their own

- Crysis, Uncharted, God of war, Ryse etc

Utalkin2me1858d ago

Did you really just lump Crysis and Ryse with Uncharted and God of War?

Well we know Crysis has average gameplay with good graphics and as some recent reviews state Ryse follow same footsteps. But Uncharted and God of War have great graphics and awesome gameplay and Intriguing story.

decrypt1858d ago

Uncharted, God of war awesome graphics lol

Wake up, uncharted and god of war are filled with low res textures.

When it comes to game play i could finish most of god of war mashing random buttons with my eyes closed. That sort of game play is some how better than crysis lol.

Chris5581858d ago

decrypt try playing hardest difficulty with mashing buttons i dare you

Utalkin2me1858d ago


Obviously you're one of those COD kiddies that people like to speak of. If your a true gamer you would have increased the difficulty in God of War and realized, that if you try to button mashed you wouldn't have made it very far. It becomes very strategic.....well never mind you know it already!

TekoIie1858d ago

Uncharted I'd personally agree with. But God of War? Bitch please -_-

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FantasyStar1858d ago

That article was terrible. It was just a repost of the minimum specs with no new information.

NarooN1858d ago

Crap game is crap.

PC version even has aim-assist in it. And people actually give these guys money...

RevXM1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

50GB for suppesedly awesome textures?
TB and I think not.

AlexFili1858d ago

Agreed. Makes me wonder where all that 50GB went, uncompressed videos? Skyrim looks amazing and it's only about 6GB!

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